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Data Analytics Specialist [Valencia]

We are looking for a Data Analyst for our head office in Valencia. The successful candidate will join the Software Integration and Data Analytics projects department. We are seeking a communicative and decisive person with knowledge of Big Data or Data Science.

Valencia, Spain

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IT Presales Engineer [Mexico City]

Are you keen on ICT and sales? We are looking for an IT Presales Engineer for our headquarters in Mexico City. You will be joining an important international company to become a Pre-Sales Engineer for international accounts and your main function will be the optimal proposal of customized EDI solutions.

Mexico City, Mexico

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Software integrator [Valencia, Sevilla or Milan]

We are seeking software integration engineers for Valencia, Sevilla or Milan. They will join the Integration Area, with possibility of promotion to the International Projects Department. Their main tasks will be the integration of applications through mapping tools and data integration by programming in JavaScript.

Valencia, Spain / Sevilla, Spain / Milan, Italy

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Jorge, Head of 24×7 Support Department

Jorge Head of 24x7 Support Department

Memory of when you joined…
“The memories of my first year are the trips all over the territory performing installations for clients, where you had to learn to fend for yourself very soon and, in part, you felt

Head of 24x7 Support Department

Xavi, International Project Manager

Xavi International Project Manager

Memory of when you started… “Twenty years and, although it sounds clichéd, it seems like it was yesterday. EDI, system integration, LOT files, everything was new to me, but being in the company of extraordinary people enabled me to overcome

International Project Manager

Ana, International Project Leader

Ana International Project Leader

“I remember the day they called me from EDICOM perfectly well. I was very excited, because it was a new challenge in my life. Although everything was new to me, I had a great friend in the company and the

International Project Leader