Blai Pascual, Software Integrator: “I like to be continuously learning about electronic invoicing and data integration”

Today he tells us what he does at EDICOM, what he likes the most about his job and the challenges that crop up every day.

Blai Pascual is an EDICOM Software Integrator. He joined the team over a year ago and has continued to learn and flourish as a professional all this time. Today he tells us what he does at EDICOM, what he likes the most about his job and the challenges that crop up every day. He also reveals some interesting facts about his team.

EDICOM: What does a Software Integrator in EDICOM do?

BLAI PASCUAL: My work consists of helping clients integrate their systems and the information housed in their ERP with those of other customers or public administrations to transmit information electronically.

E: What do you like about working in EDICOM?

B.P.: For me, one of the things I like most about my work is being in contact with clients, discovering how they operate and facilitating their work for them, as well as finding out their concerns. And, on the other hand, the ongoing learning curve. Acquiring new information, keeping abreast of the changes taking place both in e-billing and data integration.

E: What challenges do you face in EDICOM?

B.P.: The continuous learning, at the same time as I like it, also constitutes a challenge. Knowing that things can change from day to day and I need to keep myself updated is a challenge, and I like it as well.

E: Any curious facts about the day-to-day in EDICOM?

B.P.: One of the things, although we are not doing it at the moment because we are teleworking, is that on Friday afternoons, every week, two teammates were in charge of bringing afternoon snacks for the rest of us.


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