Carlos Pérez, Software Integrator: “Working with large international clients has really boosted my sense of responsibility and language skills.”

Discover his experience in the company. What he likes most about his work and the most complicated challenges. The opportunities he has found working in a technology company and his pride after working intensively on some projects. He also tells us a story – or maybe he can’t?

Carlos Pérez is a Software Integrator at EDICOM. In this interview, he reveals what he likes most about his work and the changes he comes up against. The opportunities he has found after four years of working in the company. Likewise, the projects on which he has worked intensely, but of which he feels very proud. And, finally, an anecdote about working in EDICOM.

EDICOM: What do you do in EDICOM?

CARLOS PÉREZ: I’m a Software integrator. I usually work with the rest of the team in providing service to clients, helping them to develop new projects in line with the needs they may have in terms of billing and EDI messages.

E: What do you like most about your work?

C.P.: What I like the most is working in a team to develop the projects together with different people from other countries or other cultures, and they give me a vision of the project that allows me to grow a lot, while further enhancing my knowledge.

E: What challenges arise in your work?

C.P.: The main challenges I have to face from day-to-day have to do with concepts that have a lot to do with what I studied as electronic invoicing. I come from a more technological background, Telecommunications Engineering, and dealing with e-billing from other countries doesn’t really have much to do with that. Nevertheless, working alongside the team and the experts we have in many areas, both technological and billing, enables me to continue growing and training.

E: What opportunity has working with EDICOM provided you with?

C.P.: Apart from the personal growth from working in a team and the great crowd of people in EDICOM, working in different languages with international and quite large customers has had a great impact on me, in terms of responsibility and languages, and above all, being able to work in different languages every day.

E: Any projects that you feel particularly proud of?

C.P.: I have worked on large projects with big companies, but there was one in particular which, due to the client’s needs and the urgent need to migrate a very complex solution, meant we had little time to do it, and it was a very large project. I got down to it along with the team and it was weeks and months of hard work, but in the end it worked out very well and I feel quite responsible for that project and I am proud of it.

E:Tells an anecdote that you have experienced in EDICOM.

C.P.: Really there are many, so many stories. I’ve been here for almost four years and there is plenty of time for anecdotes. The ones I remember most fondly are especially when team members meet up, along with people from other teams for dinner, and there are some that are better left untold, as it is better to live them and keep them in mind as pleasant memories.