EDICOM among the 100 best companies to work for in 2021 by Actualidad Económica

In terms of training and personal development, EDICOM was the fourth highest scoring company in the ranking.

For the third year running, EDICOM has been chosen by Actualidad Económica as one of the 100 best companies to work for in 2021. The company has high scores in training, talent and workplace atmosphere.

In terms of training and personal development, EDICOM was the fourth highest scoring company in the ranking. Company highlights include a six-week initial training course for all new technicians before they join their teams.

In addition, the firm has an annual in-house ongoing training plan to enhance each employee’s professional development and help them achieve excellence at work. The knowledge areas covered by this plan are technology, languages, management skills, or coaching, among others.

The Human Resources department is proud to remain in the ranking for three consecutive years and is very satisfied with the score achieved in this section. Ana Darder, Human Resources Manager, explained that “if you don’t take care of people you are lost, because those who make it possible that the work comes out with the highest quality, achieving customer satisfaction, are our employees”.

Likewise, she affirms that “every business owner should ensure that the Human Resources Manager sits on the Board of Directors to ensure that the company’s strategic plans include a good professional and human development plan for each of the people who make up the company’s workforce”.

Reinforcing and improving KPIs

In the talent area, it is worth mentioning the periodic performance evaluation to assess and reward the employee’s evolution in terms of productivity and quality of work. “We have reinforced and improved the KPIs to keep track of the quality of the services we provide to our customers”, is the message from HR.

In the words of the journal specializing in business and economics, “in its commitment to promote employee development, this technology provider has a system of indicators to evaluate its performance every six months. This includes salary reviews in line with their productive progress”.

Regarding the measures to improve the environment, the team has flexible working hours, teleworking, parking, teambuilding activities, private insurance, availability of fresh fruit to eat every day, breastfeeding rooms… all of this to contribute to the well-being and care of the employee.

Thus, in order to improve as a company, in the last two years EDICOM has focused on learning to manage and lead teams remotely, as well as “to be attentive to the possible problems that confinement or forced homeworking could have caused for some people,” adds Darder. They are currently working on maintaining “a balance between face-to-face and online working, so as not to lose the necessary human and physical relationship between the work teams”.

Key to success: human and professional development of the employee

The Human Resources Director points out that the key to success that makes EDICOM a valued company to work for consists of “all surrounding ourselves with the best professionals, without losing sight of our mission focused on customer satisfaction and, above all, on the human and professional development of our employees”.

Actualidad Económica’s annual ranking of the best companies to work for is designed to evaluate and reward companies. Businesses whose human resources policy makes them the best places for their professionals to do their jobs. This list has Actualidad Económica’s traditional rigour in this area and the experience accumulated over the previous 20 editions.

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