EDICOM holds plenary meeting with technical team

This year’s meeting was held online, consistent with the current situation in which the entire company continues to work remotely.

On February 4, EDICOM held its plenary meeting with the entire technical team located in Spain and Mexico. During this annual session, the technical management and area managers weigh up the main milestones and economic evolution of the previous year and present the targets for the current year.

The main purpose of this meeting is to transparently communicate the company’s progress. As well as to highlight the work of each of the departments that make up. This year’s meeting was held online, consistent with the current situation in which the entire company continues to work remotely.

The interventions by the different EDICOM departments illustrated the special effort made and hard work done by all employees during 2020. They also shared the hope of a return to the offices as soon as possible.

Area by area

The Human Resources Area recalled the company’s values and the importance of them being shared by the entire team in order to achieve EDICOM’s mission. They also highlighted the team’s ongoing growth during 2020, which has brought us to a total workforce of 645 people and is set to increase even further in 2021.

The Systems Department explained that it has been a particularly laborious year, due to having to adapt all employees to the remote working modality. In the case of the Development Area, they highlighted the growth of the team and the developments materialized in enhancements or new products and features. In turn, Support shared how they have continued to strive for maximum quality and to provide excellent service through continuous improvement to deal with all requests.

Finally, Project Management took stock of the major projects they have undertaken and, along these lines, all the new developments for the new year. In addition, attention was drawn to the importance of continuous training for improvement, especially in organizational terms. Finally, Software Integration emphasized the Department’s growth during 2020 and the importance of knowledge transfer in the teams to continue to evolve in an agile way.

2021 will be a year in which we will face technological and organizational challenges, while continuing to grow and seek excellence as a team.

2020: A year of online plenaries

Since the entire workforce started remote working in March, several online plenary meetings have been held to report on relevant issues, but above all, to send a message of peace of mind and job stability to the entire technical team. Employees appreciate these meetings as an exercise in transparency that contributes to everyone’s trust and confidence at this time.