EDICOM hosts visit by Florida Universitaria

The experience was very well-rounded and enriching. The students were able to see EDICOM’s facilities, meet representatives from each department and hear first-hand about the day-to-day work of each of them in the company.

Last Thursday, students on IT training courses from Florida Universitaria visited EDICOM. Students from the Network Systems Administration, Applications Development and Multimedia Applications Development degrees, technological profiles that are very similar to the company’s character, attended the event.

They were accompanied on the visit by representatives from the company: Ana Darder (Human Resources Manager and Executive Partner), Sebastián Valverde (Software Engineer and SCRUM Máster), Cesar Picó (Consulting Manager), Oscar Musso (International Project Manager), Diego Martínez (EDI Consultant), Raúl Santisteban (Head of Systems Department), José Manuel Blasco (QA Automation Engineer and Quality Tester for products and services), Jorge Asensi (Senior EDI Consultant Support) and María Nieves Peiró (24×7 Operation Technician).

Living the EDICOM experience

It all started with an explanation of what EDICOM is and what we do. Ana Darder described the great evolution of the company from its beginnings to the present day thanks to the efforts of the people who form part of it.

This was followed by the visit to the facilities, with a first stop in the Development rooms. Valverde explained the technologies they use (Java, Angular, Python…), the working methodology they follow, which is mainly based on SCRUM, and how the different departments are organized.

Next, they headed to the Consultancy area. Picó, Musso and Martínez told them about the day-to-day challenges, the importance of languages in this department and the qualities that make a good consultant. It was also a motivational talk, as it emphasised the possibility of growing professionally according to each person’s learning curve.

The next stop was in Systems. The students had the opportunity to see EDICOM’s CPD (Data Processing Center), with Santisteban as guide. They were impressed, as these are facilities that tend to have an impact. Raul also explained the work methodology used (mainly SCRUM and Kanban) and the main functions carried out by his department.

Finally, Blasco (Quality), Asensi (Support) and Peiró (CAU 24X7) gave a detailed explanation of their respective areas. They stressed the importance of each of them for customer satisfaction and the achievement of EDICOM’s objectives.

During the visit, the students showed attention, interest and motivation. They had a question and answer session with the representatives and discussed their concerns with them in depth. They discovered that, in addition to the technical part, at EDICOM it is essential for a candidate to be aligned with the values and have soft skills that complement him/her as a professional and as a person.