EDICOM to launch 150 new jobs by the end of 2020

In anticipation of the expected business growth and the management requirements for 80% of our international projects, the EDICOM team needs to expand to cover various professional profiles in its offices in Valencia, Seville or Mexico.

EDICOM to launch 150 new jobs by the end of 2020. The company intends to offer jobs for Software Integrator EngineersSystems EngineersProgram Analysts and Support Consultants. Salaries ranging from 22,000 to 55,000€.

The posts offered range from indefinite contracts to internships for students who have not yet finished their studies. Provided they are willing to combine their final dissertations or master’s projects with serious work and future perspectives. We adapt to the needs of the student in these cases.

In a statement by Jose Vilata Tamarit, EDICOM Technical Director: “EDICOM is at the cutting edge in cloud-scalable solutions and our models incorporate state-of-the-art programming methods and languages, such as KubernetesDockerElasticsearchCephKibana and AngularJS, among others. All of this so that our solutions will be able to provide the response times and security levels we are committed to with our clients. Moreover, we are very clear that we must continue to rely on highly qualified collaborators who are very committed to our MISSION of customer service. To this end, some time ago we reached the conclusion that it is crucial to constantly invest the necessary capital in our workers’ welfare, as well as in their ongoing training..

If you are interested and think you might fit one of the professional profiles required, send us your CV to: rrhh@edicom.es.


EDICOM is a multinational leader in business-to-business software and data integration services, with offices in Seville, Paris, Milan, New York, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and São Paulo. From our headquarters in Valencia, we work with cutting-edge technologies, researching and innovating to provide the best solutions to big companies worldwide.

WE WORK in an international environment with agile methodologies that will immerse you in every project help you achieve excellence, along with your team, in each of our areas: R+D, software development, systems and infrastructure, applications integration, support and business development.

WE TRUST in talent as a driver of professional growth within EDICOM and encourage the evolution and technical enhancement of each employee through ongoing training.

WE LOOK AFTER our workers, with a great professional environment based on familiarity, flexibility and teamwork, as well as team building and sports activities, language training and health insurance.