EDICOM will participate in AfterTest Valencia

The session will feature EDICOM software engineer Pedro Ramírez. He will be talking about how to carry out ongoing integration of projects, introducing concepts such as automation trials, code coverage, e2e testing, unit tests, code review…

On February 6, EDICOM will be taking part in AfterTest Valencia, the monthly meeting of minds among the tester community in different Spanish cities. On this occasion, the session will be held in Valencia and features Pedro Ramírez, software engineer from EDICOM.

During the event, Ramírez will discuss how to carry out the continuous integration of projects and introduce concepts such as:

  • Automation testing
  • Code and documentation coverage
  • e2e trials
  • Static code review
  • Unit testing
  • Code review
  • Code approval flows
  • Review app (code branch deployments in environments for review)

On a daily basis, our professionals have to deal with repetitive processes and integrations of new code in our products, which must follow a methodical review flow so that the applications maintain the expected quality in their development and performance.

These flows are sometimes not properly standardized or automated. With the inclusion of continuous integration workflows, the aim is to standardize and automate as far as possible the potential flows that our code has to handle and greatly mitigate the possible production failures in order to be considered a quality code.

The meeting is taking place at Innovation Center Valencia (Calle San Vicente Mártir, 148. Valencia) and is free of charge. If you are interested in attending, please sign up at AfterTest.

The perfect time to enjoy a good chat, have a beer and do some networking with other testers.

AfterTest, the testers’ afterwork

AfterTest is an informal monthly afterwork encounter held between nexo QA and the software testing communities of Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. The event aims to be a meeting point for the software testing community, where people can show and share with fellow professionals how they do testing in their daily tasks.