EDICOM plans to incorporate 150 ICT professionals by 2021

The new employees will join the more than 600 professionals who form part of EDICOM.

EDICOM is looking for 150 ICT professionals to join the company in 2021. The main vacancies are for Software Integrator, Frontend/Backend Analyst Programmer and Systems Engineer applicants, as well as Presales Engineers and Data Analytics Specialists, among other technical posts.

Candidates must have technological profiles with degrees in Computer Engineering, Telecommunications or related studies, e.g. Mathematics, Data Science, Physics, Geodesy or Industrial Engineering with programming skills. The company is also seeking Advanced Technicians in Multi-platform Application Development, Computer and Network Systems Administration or similar.

Applications are accepted from final year students, graduates or experienced professionals. Interested parties can access the EDICOM job portal and register for the vacancies most suited to their profile.

The new employees will join the more than 600 professionals who form part of EDICOM. They are distributed in their work centres and commercial offices.: Valencia, Seville, Mexico City, Milan, Paris, New York, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, and Bogota.

In February 2021, the company has already hired 23 new employees in its Software Integration and Development areas. After six weeks of initial training in technical specialization, the professionals will be integrated into their teams.

Challenges for 2021

This year, the firm is focused on international expansion into Asia, the Middle East, Arab countries and China, with process integration and digitization projects for large multinationals with the solutions provided by the company.

Ana Darder, Human Resources Director of the Technical Department, explains how “This expansion in partnership with major firms has led us to strengthen our organizational structures and procedures to ensure that we meet customer expectations”.

Likewise, the volumes of information they host are growing exponentially and “we are obliged not to lower our guard in the maintenance and growth of our infrastructure. We spend a lot of time on the technological scrutiny necessary to be proactive and anticipate, research, study and implement new technologies if we see that they can provide us with greater scalability and security in our solutions and thus anticipate problems”, notes Darder.

Jose Vilata,Technical Director, adds: “The company is at the cutting edge in cloud-scalable solutions and our models incorporate state-of-the-art programming methods and languages, such as Kubernetes, Docker, ElasticSearch, Ceph, Kibana and AngularJS, among others. All of this so that our solutions will be able to provide the response times and security levels we are committed to with our clients”.

Advantages of working in EDICOM

In addition to being at the technological forefront, since 2015, the corporation has been working under agile methodologies, encouraging self-management of work, promoting knowledge transfer between team members and creating a structure that encourages the development of a professional career within the company.

Moreover, all employees have a professional career with periodic reviews based on performance evaluation, permanent contract (or internship, as required), and continuous training in new technologies, skills and languages ​​to develop their skills.

They also benefit from private medical insurance, a flexible schedule with remote working option, a gym and programmed sports activities (according to work centre) and teambuilding sessions.