EDICOM to renew collaboration with Technovation

TheTechnovation Challenge aims to motivate and foster their ICT skills to enhance gender equality in the technology sector.

EDICOM is collaborating again with the new edition of the technological competition for girls: Technovation 2020. Hand in hand with the Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering (ETSINF), the firm will sponsor two teams of participants to support their projects, designed to solve a social problem.

Under the slogan “Girls for a change”, the Technovation Challenge aims to motivate and foster their ICT skills to enhance gender equality in the technology sector.

To this end, girls from 10 to 18 years of age have to develop a business plan and a mobile application to tackle a social problem, defend it, and compete to reach the grand finale. The initiative offers girls from all over the world the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to become entrepreneurs and technology leaders.

Teams from a large number of countries will be taking part, so these girls will have the chance to show off their abilities. They will also discover essential qualities for entrepreneurship and teamwork.

ETSINF students take part as mentors

The Polytechnic University of Valencia, which hosts this event in Valencia along with ETSINF, sees this challenge as a very positive activity for their students to take part in as team mentors. The schedule provides university students with skills learning and development in teamwork activities. It also contributes to social awareness based on support for entrepreneurship and technology.

Thanks to sponsorship from technology companies such as EDICOM, a direct team-company relationship is nurtured. EDICOM supports a final presentation of the project to give the Valencian students exposure within an international event.

This action is in addition to others supported by EDICOM that pursue the social improvement of our environment. Moreover, in this case advocating women’s role in technology.


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