EDICOM takes part in Guadalquivir Night Race in Seville

Some brave athletes from the EDICOM team in Seville put on their shoes and ran the 8,500-metre Guadalquivir Night Race.

EDICOM takes part in Guadalquivir Night Race in Seville. Some brave athletes from the EDICOM team in Seville put on their shoes, last Friday, September 27 at night, and ran the 8,500-metre Guadalquivir Night Race. This race, along with other sporting competitions in which the company’s staff takes part, is an opportunity to share relaxed moments with colleagues beyond the day-to-day in the office.

The Guadalquivir Night Race has become one of the most important events of the year in Seville. Las Delicias, el Paseo de Colón, the river Guadalquivir, la Macarena, the Historical Round, the Glorieta del Cid, the old Tobacco Factory, the Expo Pavillion … trace a route of unparalleled beauty.

This sporting date session is added to other activities enjoyed by EDICOM workers throughout the year. Bowling and paddle tournaments, go-kart championships, Christmas dinners or conventions all help foster team building.

Likewise, EDICOM cares about the health and nutrition of employees with sports facilities, classes with monitors specializing in different sporting areas. It also offers food training as well as private health insurance. The company also works to reconcile the job and family life and offers advantages and activities for their children’s education.


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And WE LOOK AFTER our workers, with a great professional environment based on familiarity, flexibility and teamwork. As well as team building and sports activities, language training and health insurance.