EDICOM transmits confidence, sincerity and transparency in its online plenaries

In the last meeting a few weeks ago, it was explained that not only do the entire team continue to work, but that we also continue to grow with new hires.

Since we started remote working in March, several online plenary meetings have been held to report relevant issues such as the continuity of teleworking, but above all, in order to send a message of peace of mind and job stability to the entire EDICOM technical team. Likewise, the economic evolution of the company in recent months has been shared transparently.

In the last meeting a few weeks ago, with more than 500 employees connected, it was explained that not only do the entire team continue to work, but that we also continue to grow with new hires.

We share some reflections of people from the EDICOM team on these online plenary meetings.

Agustín Esteve, Software Integrator.

“In turbulent times it is good to feel that at least one of the pillars of our well-being rests on solid ground. For this reason, I want to highlight the importance of the plenary. In the meeting, Ana and José, once again, not only presented the company situation and plans with their usual sincerity and transparency (which in itself is appreciated). But also they transmitted us a message of confidence and security for the future. At this time, I think that for all of us it was as necessary as important. So, double importance and double thanks.”

Antonio Carlos Díaz, Senior Software Integrator.

“It is inevitable to consider and worry about how this crisis affects the company as a whole, the big figures, the medium and long-term strategies … This concern is periodically alleviated thanks to plenary meetings. In these meetings, in an exercise of transparency, we are informed of the company’s status in a participatory and clear manner. In this way, we are aware that we are not alone in our daily efforts at home, but that all our efforts are focused towards a common goal, clearly successfully. Thank you all for being by my side.”

Santi Bellosta, Head of Research and Development Department.

“After suffering as we have been these months of pandemic, isolation, fear and uncertainty, such communication, information, transparency and demonstrated coherence are appreciated in EDICOM. And thanks go not only to the decision-making groups, but also for letting us all participate in the company’s future. Thank you EDICOM, together shoulder to shoulder.”

We continue (tele)working with commitment, effort, perseverance and responsibility, respecting everyone who is part of EDICOM and pursuing excellence.