EDICOM, Vicky Fruits and S2 Grupo sponsor Up!Steam

The teams have to invent, design and program video games or mobile applications to promote STEAM subjects.

EDICOM, Vicky Fruits and S2 Grupo sponsor the Up!Steam competition. The aim of this competition, organized by the Social Council of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), is to foster STEAM-related studies among primary and secondary school pupils.

The teams have to invent, design and program video games or mobile applications to promote STEAM subjects. Winners will receive prizes from the sponsors and, in addition, will be able to visit their high-tech company facilities. EDICOM, dedicated to electronic data transfer between companies; Vicky Fruits, food company based on continuous improvement and innovation; and S2 Grupo, specializing in cybersecurity, cyber intelligence and mission-critical systems operations.

Successful participation

This time round, Up!Steam has achieved record figures in terms of the number of schools taking part, as well as the pupils who ended up joining the initiative. More than 1,000 pupils will be part of the 201 teams that will participate in this edition. The UPV Social Council believes that “it is an excellent opportunity for young people, especially girls, to learn about the careers with the best job opportunities for the future.”


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