EDICOM is a multinational company and leader in business to business software and data integration services, with offices in Valencia, Murcia, Seville, Casablanca, Paris, Milan, New York, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Bogota and São Paulo.

We work with cutting-edge technologies, researching and innovating to provide the best solutions to big business worldwide.

Virtual visit to EDICOM

Take a look at our virtual tour to discover what we do in each of our areas and learn about our true mission and values.

Productivity and innovation

WE WORK in an international environment with agile methodologies that will immerse you in every project help you achieve excellence, along with your team, in each of our areas: R+D, software development, systems and infrastructure, applications integration, support and business development.


WE TRUST in talent as a driver of professional growth within EDICOM and we encourage the evolution and technical enhancement of each employee through ongoing training.

Friendly atmosphere and benefits

WE LOOK AFTER our workers, with a great professional environment based on familiarity, flexibility and teamwork, as well as team building and sports activities, language training and health insurance.