Working in EDICOM

Company life and benefits of working for the company.

EDICOM, among the 100 best companies to work in according to Actualidad Económica (Diario El Mundo).

Company accredited as «Best place to code«, thanks to our efforts to provide the best possible working conditions for our employees.

Great professional environment

We seek the well-being of our employees by trying to build a work atmosphere based on passion and positive attitude.

A pleasant work environment based on familiarity, flexibility and teamwork.


of working in EDICOM

Permanent, stable contract

Permanent contract from day one, but we also have internship agreements to adapt to the candidate’s needs.

Free language classes

EDICOM is a company with an international outlook, so we encourage you to get involved from the outset in improving your language skills by providing you with free language classes with native teachers, for different languages and at different levels.

Career plan

We focus on talent as the driving force of professional growth. We adapt to each employee and accompany them in their development in the firm.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to work on international projects for major brands in the market.

Ongoing training

From the first day, specialization course courtesy of the company.

Moving forward, we provide the employee with the necessary resources and support for training and professional development.

Flexible schedule

Within the set range, you can agree on a schedule that suits your needs or preferences.

Other benefits

In addition, our employees can enjoy a variety of social and recreational benefits.

Sports facilities, social club and fresh fruit daily *

* Available at head office in Valencia.

At our facilities in Valencia, employees have access to a gym, yoga classes, pilates…, paddle tennis court, social club (leisure room for fun after-work evenings after your workday), and fresh fruit daily!

Teambuilding activities

EDICOM has a great atmosphere thanks to its enthusiastic and fun-loving team of people who love to have a good time together with their colleagues.

This is reflected in the usual teambuilding activities and company lunches that are held to share good times with colleagues.

Flexible compensation

Employees can take advantage of flexible remuneration to benefit from various services of regular consumption exempt from income tax (childcare vouchers, transport vouchers, restaurant vouchers, etc.).

Several external companies and organizations offer us very attractive agreements to access their services with special offers and certain benefits.

Find out more on the company agreements page.

Private medical insurance

Our employees can benefit from their own free medical insurance; or if they wish, they can take out a family insurance policy with very attractive conditions for being an employee.

Family days and open doors

On specific dates, EDICOM opens its doors to bring employees’ families closer.

A variety of events are held for children (robotics activities, sports days, construction of a PlayMobil Nativity Scene, etc.) to let our kids become more familiar with our workplace.

Active participation in events

We have a brand ambassador initiative open to any employee to collaborate and contribute value in events where EDICOM is present.

Employment events, lectures at universities, technology competitions, external training courses …EDICOM constantly engages in public activities and fully trusts its employees both to represent its brand and to carry out the necessary actions in each activity.

Consult in News the different events related to our employees.