Environmental commitment

We guarantee resources optimization and make sure our practices are environmentally friendly and safeguard the health of our workers.

Likewise, we engage in awareness raising with our clients to convince them of the sustainability of our services. We focus on reducing paper, plastic and energy consumption, as well as on preventing pollution and waste control.

Commitment to clients

We are committed to our clients, ensuring optimization of administrative and business processes. We also work on prevention to guarantee the service to our customers through a permanent contingency plan for disasters.

Finally, we guarantee professional ethics, ensuring integrity in our business, refusing gifts from customers and suppliers, as well as prohibiting improper payments, commissions or bribes.

Commitment to employees

We look out for all those aspects contributing to the personal and environmental well-being of our employees. Our concern focuses on their evolution, professional growth and development; as well as their health and nutrition.

We also strive for reconciliation with family life and provide advantages and activities for their children’s education. Finally, we organize activities to enhance our team building.

In 2019, the National Institute for Health and Safety at Work (INSST) acknowledged EDICOM’s adherence to the Luxembourg Declaration promoting health at work. Signing up to this declaration makes EDICOM a member of the Spanish Healthy Companies Network.

Social commitment

We contribute to society, providing knowledge and taking care of our environment. In doing so, we respect childhood, complying with legislation and rejecting the exploitation of minors and illegal businesses.

Likewise, we support women in ICT with projects that promote and provide visibility in the technology sphere. In addition, we collaborate with colleges and universities, providing computer resources, professional orientation talks and technology sessions.

We also make contributions to sports and cultureand are concerned with integration of disabled persons by contracting and donating to associations.