At EDICOM we seek the well-being of our employees by trying to build a work atmosphere based on passion and a positive attitude.

Labor benefits

Indefinite contract

Indefinite contract from day one. We also have other types of contracts to adapt to the employee’s needs.

Career plan

We focus on talent as the driving force of professional growth. We adapt to each employee and accompany them in their development in the firm.

Ongoing training

We care about providing the worker with the technologies and tools for their professional training and evolution.

Great professional environment

We encourage a pleasant work environment based on familiarity, flexibility and teamwork, as well as team building activities.

Social benefits

Free of charge, all EDICOM employees can enjoy sports activities, language training, private medical insurance and exclusive agreements with educational bodies, leisure organizations…

Since 2019, EDICOM has been selected among the 100 best companies to work for in Spain by Actualidad Económica.

The company ranks 44th in the ranking and is on the podium of technology companies to work for.