Eduardo Sobrevela, Scrum Master: “The most gratifying thing is being able to work across the board with all the teams”

In this interview we take a look at his work at EDICOM and the most gratifying aspects and opportunities that have allowed him to grow. He also shares the project he is particularly proud of and some anecdotal moments experienced during team building activities.

Eduardo Sobrevela is Scrum Master of the Internal Development team. In this interview he explains what he does in EDICOM. In addition, he talks about the most gratifying thing, the opportunity his work has given him and the project he is most proud of. Finally, he shares an anecdote he experienced in team building activities.

What do you do in EDICOM?

My job at EDICOM is as Scrum Master. In addition to ensuring that the Scrum methodology is followed, I lead, support, motivate and develop my team, which in my case, is the group in charge of internal developments.

What is the most gratifying about your work?

Without a doubt, the most gratifying thing is being able to work across the board with all the teams, all the departments, with Project Management, Consulting, R&D, Systems, Marketing, Administration, and the rest. Our team gets the chance to work with all of them and, in a way, is nurtured by all the professionals who are part of EDICOM.

Professional and personal growth

What opportunities has working in a technology multinational given you?

EDICOM placed its trust in me to lead the development of its ERP and that has enabled me to grow enormously at a professional level, and I would say even more so in personal terms.

Any projects you’ve taken part in that you feel particularly proud of?

The project of setting up the team per se. The in-house development team was set up as I took my first steps in EDICOM. We have evolved a lot together and I would say that I am especially proud of the team.

Tell us about an anecdotal moment you have experienced in the company.

An anecdotal moment for me was the first time I took part in the bowling tournament. To me it was more like a leisure activity and I was surprised to find out how seriously the people took the competition and how much everyone enjoyed it as a team.