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International e-learning technician [Valencia]

We are seeking an international e-learning training technician for the Pre-sales department in our Valencia offices. You will be joining an important international project in which you will be responsible for the management, design and creation of training content.

Valencia, España

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R+D Programmer Analyst [Valencia]

We are seeking a R+D Programmer Analyst for our Research and Development department in Valencia. We would like to recruit a dynamic and innovative person to analyse and execute software development and updating projects and B2B communication infrastructures.

Valencia, España

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Software integrator [Valencia, Sevilla or Milan]

We are seeking software integration engineers for Valencia, Sevilla or Milan. They will join the Integration Area, with possibility of promotion to the International Projects Department. Their main tasks will be the integration of applications through mapping tools and data integration by programming in JavaScript.

Valencia, Spain / Sevilla, Spain / Milan, Italy

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Giulia Merluzzi

I graduated in Genoa, Italy, in Biomedical Engineering. Looking for a job, I “unexpectedly” ended up in Spain. I’ve been working for EDICOM for just over a year now and when I arrived I didn’t know the city or the

EDI Consultant Support
Àngel Sanchis

At the end of my PhD in Telecommunications, I decided to make the leap to the private sector. However, it wasn’t easy for me to find companies in Valencia that offered me what I was looking for. When I heard

EDI Consultant
Pablo Project Leader

EDICOM is different thanks to the human quality of the people who make it work. There are many jobs, even some better paid, but I really value the atmosphere of my workplace, after all these are people I’m sharing nine

Project Leader