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Cloud Engineer [Morocco]


Would you like to administer CLOUD/corporate infrastructure? Participate in the design of new generation infrastructures? Install, commissionate and monitor of applications developed by R+D? EDICOM is the company you are looking for.

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International IT Account Manager [Valencia]

Valencia, España

Did you know that EDICOM is one of the world’s major EDI and e-invoicing businesses? Our international operations are strengthening in Europe and expanding eastward from our headquarters in Valencia. We are seeking ACCOUNT MANAGERS to take our SaaS sales strategy to a new level.

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Software Developer [Valencia, Sevilla and Murcia]

Valencia, Sevilla and Murcia, Spain

Would you like to work with cutting edge technologies such as Angular or Kubernetes? Developing software solutions from scratch? Constantly researching new technologies to provide scalability and security? Working under Scrum-Kanban methodology?

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Software integrator [Valencia, Sevilla, Murcia and Milan]

Valencia, Spain / Sevilla, Spain / Murcia, Spain / Milan, Italy

Did you know that EDICOM is one of the world’s major EDI and e-invoicing businesses? Our international operations have a strong presence in Europe and we are expanding eastward from our head office in Valencia, Murcia, Sevilla and Casablanca. We are looking for Software Integrators to take our SaaS integration projects to a new level.

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Cecilia Beltrán, International Project Leader Support

Cecilia Beltrán

First day in EDICOM. Starting a new work always entails nervousness and insecurity. I have to say that having a month of training in EDICOM before starting work really boosted my confidence. I was starting work at a new time

Cecilia Beltrán
International Project Leader Support

Nieves Peiró, 24×7 Operation Technician

First day in EDICOM. My first few days in EDICOM can be summed up in two words: CHALLENGE and EXPECTATION. Expectation, because personally it was a change in my professional career, but, mostly challenge, for two reasons: I wanted to

Nieves Peiró
24x7 Operation Technician

Alexia Garcia, Senior EDI Consultant in IPM Support

Alexia García, Senior EDI Consultant IPM Support

Memory of when you joined EDICOM. I felt both excited and uneasy because I was taking on a totally new task for me, in an unknown world that had nothing to do with teaching, which is where I came from.

Alexia García
Senior EDI Consultant IPM Support