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QA Engineer [Valencia]

We are looking for a QA Engineer to help us ensure, together with other team members, the quality of our platform systems.

Valencia, Spain

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R+D Programmer Analyst [Valencia]

We are seeking a R+D Programmer Analyst for our Research and Development department in Valencia. We would like to recruit a dynamic and innovative person to analyse and execute software development and updating projects and B2B communication infrastructures.

Valencia, España

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Software integrator [Valencia, Sevilla or Milan]

We are seeking software integration engineers for Valencia, Sevilla or Milan. They will join the Integration Area, with possibility of promotion to the International Projects Department. Their main tasks will be the integration of applications through mapping tools and data integration by programming in JavaScript.

Valencia, Spain / Sevilla, Spain / Milan, Italy

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José Luis Martínez

Each day is a challenge, in which I know I won’t be alone. Good work and dedication are valued and allow you to achieve your goals… so that you can set yourself others. Our place is defined by effort and

José Luis
Global Head of Customer Service
Antonio International Project Manager

The teamwork methodology is really constructive and in addition to creating a great working atmosphere, facilitates professional development individually. Belonging to a cutting-edge technology company in constant growth. The company’s international outlook and the possibilities of maintaining and improving the

International Project Manager
Testimonio de Oscar Musso

The first thing is its international projection. There isn’t a day that I don’t pick up the telephone to “test my abilities” dealing with Spanish, Italian or English-speaking clients from all over the world. It’s a source of satisfaction for

Head of Project Management