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Data Analytics Specialist [Valencia]

Would you like to tackle large volumes of data? Extracting knowledge and managing it to facilitate decision making for large companies around the world? Growing professionally with technology training sessions and regular performance assessments?

Valencia, Spain

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International IT Account Manager [Valencia]

Would you like to move into the ICT arena combined with sales? Working with companies from all over the world using different languages? Researching new markets or strategic sectors in different countries? Growing as a professional?

Valencia, España

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Software integrator

Would you like to manage international projects using different languages? Programming in JavaScript? Helping large companies improve their data transfers by implementing our software? Developing yourself professionally with training and teamwork?

Valencia, Spain / Sevilla, Spain / Milan, Italy

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David, International Project Manager


When I arrived in EDICOM I was very nervous, as I was only a few months out of school and wasn’t really sure what to expect. Once the training started, I understood that I had a lot to learn, as

International Project Manager

Fabrizio, International Project Manager

Fabrizio Restani

When I started out in EDICOM, I was barely familiar with terms like invoice, despatch advice and order and I was still improving my Spanish. It has all been quite a challenge, in a trajectory full of stimulating moments and

International Project Manager

Javier, International Project Manager

Javier Hervás

“I heard about EDICOM more than ten years ago thanks to a job vacancy published in the College of Telecommunications Engineers. From the outset, I noticed the team spirit and the good working atmosphere that prevailed and, to this day,

International Project Manager