ETM: EDICOM’s own methodology applied in the Software Integration area

The key factors of this work system are: teamwork, communication, continuous improvement and adaptability.

Efficient Team Methodology (ETM) is an approach devised by EDICOM that combines the SCRUM agile work system with its own tried and tested procedures, based on the company’s knowledge and experience. The Software Integration department uses this working mode to carry out projects.

The ETM work system is organized in teams. This favours richer outcomes by drawing on the experiences, knowledge and skills of all team members. Encouraging creative collaboration boosts employee engagement and motivation.

This methodology reserves time slots so that the Software Integrators can provide ideas to improve the working processes. This dynamic encourages them to reinvent themselves every day and keep up to date. It also fosters continuous innovation thanks to the fact that information flows constantly and naturally.

Key factors: teamwork, communication, continuous improvement and adaptability

In this sense, the teams have periodic meetings of different lengths and objectives, such as presenting the scope and planning of a new project, clearing up any doubts about the job that a team has to do or promoting its synchronization. For example, the Daily Meeting is a 15-minute session for the purpose of reporting on what each Software Integrator did the day before, what they will do during the day and what hinders them and prevents them from continuing with the project.

Finally, this working approach ensures immediacy and speed of response to provide solutions to constant changes. For this reason, it includes scheduled tasks, but also others that are not programmed and must be resolved urgently. This is supported by a team of flexible and dynamic people who assume a reality that is constantly transforming.

All of this ensures quality projects, carried out in optimal times.

Luis Zamudio, Consulting Manager at EDICOM, tells us about agile ETM methodology.


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