Five keys to being a good Project Manager

Five of our Project Managers highlight their main key to being a good Project Manager.

A Project Manager is the professional responsible for ensuring that all the pieces fit together to make a project a success, producing quality services that meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

To do so, the Project Manager has to analyse and detect customer needs, planning the project and negotiating this schedule with whoever has requested the service. Then, they must follow up and ensure that deadlines are met by our Software Integration and R+D team, as well as by the customer. Finally, when the work has been completed successfully, they are responsible for closing the project.

Knowing these functions, five of our Project Managers highlight their main key to being a good Project Manager.

1. Teamwork

Pablo Garcia, Project Manager

“Basically, I believe that we should not only make a good team with our co-workers here at EDICOM, including those on the Development and the Commercial side, among others. I also consider it very important to form a good team with the client, as they are the ones with whom, in the end, we are going to draw up the entire design of the rollout we are going to do. It is crucial to bring them into our team, so that they feel part of the EDICOM team, to ensure the success of the project resolution.”

2. Facilitator

Luis Coll, Project Manager

“You need to ensure that all project teams always have everything they need to do their job. This is where the figure of the Project Manager comes in, as they have to mediate so that there are no hold-ups in the whole planning process.”

3. Planning capacity

Carmen Fernandez, Project Manager

A project has to be divided into different phases, which have to be agreed with the client, have to be in order and, moreover, have to be executed in a given project. It is very important for the client to know when these phases must be carried out, as well as the parties involved or what we need in each of these periods for the project to be completed successfully.

4. Managing customer expectations

Gaston Cocco, Project Manager

“The project comes in us and a basic part consists of knowing what the client expects from the project. So that the success of the project means customer satisfaction. This way, we don’t have to assume anything and consult with the client what they need to do.”

5. Proactive and fast

Oscar Musso, Project Manager

“You need to know how to identify the risks in a project and find the solutions. Summing up, the Project Manager is a manager who has to be clear about the project aim and know how to achieve it. They are like an orchestra conductor who sets the pace of the work.