Gonzalo Rico, Software Integrator: “I recommended EDICOM to Miguel for the trust it places in its future technicians, and the enviable career plan it offers at the end of the internship”

Gonzalo Rico and Miguel Ros have been friends for some time. A recommendation from Gonzalo led Miguel straight to EDICOM.

Gonzalo Rico and Miguel Ros have been friends for some time. A recommendation from Gonzalo led Miguel straight to EDICOM. Today they both work as Software Integrators. They tell us the reasons behind Gonzalo’s recommendation and Miguel’s decision to apply to join the team.

EDICOM: Why did you recommend EDICOM to Miguel?

GONZALO RICO: Miguel was studying the final year of the IT degree and I didn’t hesitate to let him know about EDICOM. The need for internships, together with the trust that the company places in future technicians, and the enviable career plan offered at the end of the internship, convinced Miguel to take the plunge into the world of EDI.

Not to mention the camaraderie, the chance to grow and the great working environment that we encounter every day in the offices.

E: Apart from Gonzalo’s recommendation, what prompted you to apply to EDICOM?

G.R.: I was looking for a company where I could do my internship and where they would give me an opportunity, so that once I finished my internship, I could forge a future within the company. I knew that EDICOM was at the forefront of the latest technologies and that it had a magnificent working environment in which to grow not only professionally but also personally.

E: And now that you are part of the EDICOM team, what do you most appreciate about working here?

The good working environment, the flexibility of the company and the recognition within the company of the effort made every day. On the other hand, I really appreciate the facilities that EDICOM provides for us to be in constant development, for example, by providing training in specific technical areas and giving the possibility of attending classes in different languages. Moreover, the fact that EDICOM is an international company means that you have a great opportunity to collaborate with people from all over the world.

E: Would you recommend EDICOM and why?

I definitely recommend EDICOM as a company to come to work for, as I find that here I enjoy a great working environment and a great opportunity to grow within the company, in addition to acquiring both professional and personal values. As I mentioned earlier, being in contact with the latest cutting-edge technologies in the market allows us to constantly acquire new knowledge and be in ongoing professional development linked to these technologies.