How does the Support department work?

What does the Support Department do? How is it structured? How do they help the client? How do they manage to constantly improve? Find out all the details courtesy of María Ángeles Gomis, International Project Leader Support at EDICOM.

María Ángeles Gomis works in International Project Leader Support at EDICOM. Today she explains what the Support Area does, how it is structured, how they help the customer and the importance of ongoing improvement.

“In the EDICOM Support Department, we are responsible for helping our customers with any doubts, incidents or queries they may have regarding any of our products or services. Always in the fastest possible way and looking for a solution that is best for the client. We are organized in three support areas: Standard Support, Preferential Support and 24 x 7 Support. With these three types of support, we cover the needs of all clients depending on their type of installation, whether more complex or simpler, or the special schedule they may require.

Our aim is always to provide excellent support. How can we do it? Based on humility and in a process of ongoing improvement. We try to be fast, efficient, customer friendly, transparent and always trying to apply every point of improvement for the future. This way, we are always in constant evolution and seeking ongoing improvement”.