IT++ EDICOM Professional Scholarship: travel, study and return to work

Find out what the scholarship brought to three people from the EDICOM team and how to apply for it.

Would you like to go Erasmus? What will you do when you get back? We propose a plan: apply for the IT++ EDICOM Professional Scholarship. We complement the Erasmus aid with an additional financial package and, when you get back, we will wait for you to start your professional career in EDICOM.

Find out what the IT++ EDICOM Professional Scholarship meant to three people from the team who were granted it.

Javi Gil, Software Engineer. I was at Radbound University – Nimega, Holland.

“It gave me extra support to make the most of my Erasmus stay. At the same time, knowing that you are going to have a guaranteed job in a company of EDICOM’s standing encourage me to integrate, take part in activities and talk to people to get the most out of being in another country and practicing languages. In a linguistic immersion context, such as an Erasmus stay, seeing that everything you are learning is going to be useful in your future work is really satisfying.”

Fran López, International Project Manager. I was at Vilniaus Gedimino Technikos Universitetas – Vilna, Lithuania.

“First and foremost, it gave me the peace of mind knowing that after my stay in Vilnius (Lithuania) I would return to the company where I had done the internship months before so comfortably. Economically, it was a fundamental push when making the decision to go on an Erasmus.

On the other hand, I discovered and learned about other ways of working completely different from the ones I was used to. A wide variety of nationalities, cultures and methodologies came together in a small class at the VGTU, my host university.”

Pablo Vila, Software Integrator. I was at the Milan Polytechnic – Milano, Italy.

“Doing an Erasmus is an unforgettable experience. You get to know new people from different cultures, you improve and learn new languages, you study in a university with a different educational system … in short, one of the best years of your life. With the financial assistance provided by EDICOM, the stay becomes simpler and contributes to your Erasmus experience, so you can make the most of it.

For me, the main point of the grant is joining the workforce post-Erasmus. Knowing that when you finish your degree you’ll have a work contract with one of the leading companies in EDI and e-invoicing is an extra motivation”.

Who can apply for the TI++ EDICOM Professional Scholarship?

Undergraduate or master’s degree students from the UPV’s Higher Technical School of Computer Science who apply for an Erasmus grant for the 2021/2022 academic year, with a minimum stay of four months.


Up to 2000 euros in addition to your Erasmus grant.

After completing the stay abroad, you will join the team and start working in EDICOM. Indefinite contract, for a minimum of two years.

How to apply?

Send an e-mail to or, stating “IT++ EDICOM Professional “in the subject line. The e-mail should also include as attachments your CV, proof of language qualifications and document with credits passed.

Travel, study, learn, discover, grow and, on your return, work in EDICOM.