Jorge Isnardo, Systems Engineer: “One of the main challenges consists of keeping up-to-date with the technologies we handle”

Would you like to know how the Systems Area applications team he works in operates? What he most values about his job and the challenges he faces? Opportunities, projects, curiosities… Jorge Isnardo tells us.

Jorge Isnardo is a Systems Engineer at EDICOM. Find out from him what it is like to work in the Systems Area as part of the applications team. The freedom and responsibility when it comes to problem-solving is one of the aspects he values most. Always keeping abreast with the different technologies they handle is a challenge for him. He also talks about opportunities, projects and curiosities…

EDICOM: What do you do in EDICOM?

JORGE ISNARDO: I work in the EDICOM Systems Department as an IT Systems Administrator. The department is split into teams and I’m working in the applications team. In our team we are mainly focused on managing technical vulnerabilities, running different application servers. We’re talking about web applications such as Apache Tomcat, Jboss…, as well as the administration of several Kubernetes On-Premises clusters, including management of certification authorities from different countries.

E: What do you like most about your work?

J.I.: What I like most about my job is that, on a day-to-day basis, we face challenges in the area we are working in and this allows us to provide solutions. We are expected to resolve the issues within a set time; if it is an incident, in a shorter time than if it is a scheduled task. So, what we like most is the freedom we have to solve these types of problems, so that we ourselves are responsible for ensuring that the solutions we provide can be maintained over time, as we are the ones who are going to manage all the solutions we have provided.

E: What challenges do you come up against in your job?

J.I.: We mainly have two key points. One consists of keeping up-to-date with the technologies we handle. This means we have to be aware of different sources of information, to follow the project developers who are maintaining those applications, which we can use with an open code and deliver with EDICOM software. We see this sort of like a puzzle. In other words, given the amount of information EDICOM handles, we are responsible for ensuring that all these applications form a flow, in which we have to make sure they work in harmony, so that all the information processed in EDICOM is executed in compliance with the time expected from the platform.

E: What opportunity has working with EDICOM presented you with?

J.I.: Mainly in the professional field, it has allowed me to continue my training in terms of the technologies that we handle and that move in the market. We also attend events like KubeCon and other international get-togethers. And in the personal sphere, to form a family.

E: Any projects that you feel particularly proud of?

J.I.: Organizing the updates of the certification authorities we manage and other recent projects such as the rollout of tokens for some projects in Egypt.

E: Tell us some curiosities or anecdotes about EDICOM.

J.I.: Apart from the everyday things that IT people do, like when you leave your laptop unlocked and they play a prank on you, one of the things we always do is that on Thursdays we go out to lunch, either with colleagues from the department or with other people from other areas. It isn’t all just about sitting at the screen and dealing with incidents and tasks.