Llíria Boys’ Handball team promoted to Regional category

From EDICOM we want to congratulate the Llíria Handball Club with which we have collaborated for years for its promotion of the values of sport.

EDICOM congratulates the Llíria Boys’ Handball Team, recently crowned Runner-up in the preferential junior category and promoted to the Autonomous Community regional category.

The company has been collaborating with Llíria Handball Club for years now, as the club promotes values that are very present in the company on a daily basis, such as commitment, respect and effort. Likewise, sportsmanship, solidarity, companionship and the fun of working together as a team. “We understand handball as a means to learn and cooperate together as a big family”, says the Club.

Llíria Handball’s aim is to train people who grow by improving themselves with sport as a vehicle. Adopting healthy habits and respect for the environment, through complementary training: lectures on nutrition and healthy habits to avoid injuries, physical and mental performance, first aid, environmental workshops…

“We are not just about sport. We are a great team made up of athletes, their families and coaches, in addition to the friendly entities and companies that believe in and support us by backing our work”, explains a Llíria Handball spokesperson.

The club has teams of all ages and categories, from junior to senior. Committed to gender equality, with both female and male teams, as well as some mixed teams.

The Boys’ team and the Club as a whole now face a new challenge of continuing to enjoy, improve and learn as a team in the coming season.

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Other initiatives supported by EDICOM as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility plan are the “Interpobles de Galotxa, Gran Premi EDICOM” championship and the PISCIS Swimming Club of Mislata. In addition, the company’s own team takes part in charity races to raise funds.