Miguel Muñoz, Project Manager: “I feel particularly proud of the e-invoicing projects in Italy”

In this interview he tells us about his experience in the company talking about the most rewarding, the challenges he faces as a professional, opportunities, projects, team building …

In this interview he tells us about his experience in the company, talking about what he finds most rewarding and the challenges he faces as a professional. He also explains the opportunities that working in a technology company has given him and the projects he is most proud of. Finally, he tells us about moments he has experienced that have allowed him to get to know the team in other settings outside the office.

EDICOM: What do you do in EDICOM?

MIGUEL MUÑOZ: A Project Manager is ultimately responsible for the successful completion of each of the tasks assigned to them. From the first contact with the customer and its planning through all the agreed milestones to the successful transition to production.

E: What is the most gratifying about your work?

M.M.: One of the most gratifying aspects is to see how satisfied our customers are with our work and how we meet their expectations.

Challenges and opportunities

E: What challenges do you find?

M.M.: You need to be prepared for any eventuality that may arise during the course of the project in order to adapt the available resources and be able to carry out the project in line with these requirements and new deadlines. As well and detecting possible obstacles we might face throughout the project and looking for alternative solutions to the paths to be followed.

E: What opportunities has working in a technology multinational given you?

M.M.: EDICOM has given me the chance to work in an international environment, with all that this entails, such as working with large clients or using several languages in the course of the day.

E: Any projects you’ve taken part in that you feel particularly proud of?

M.M.: I feel particularly proud of the e-invoicing projects in Italy. I have good memories of that intense time a couple of years ago. And also the project for the new office in Seville.

E: Tell us an anecdote that you have experienced in EDICOM.

M.M.:I fondly remember my first bowling championship at EDICOM and also the races we did after work. And, of course, the lunches and dinners with the team and the first dinner we had here in the summer at EDICOM Seville.