More than 30 new employees join EDICOM in June

After six weeks of training to specialize in EDI, employees will join the Software Integration and Development areas.

Over 30 new professionals joined the Software Integration and Development departments of EDICOM in June. The majority of the new starts were incorporated in Valencia and Seville, as well as in our new work centres located in Murcia and Casablanca.

The first step prior to joining their teams is to undergo initial training for six weeks. Through a blended learning approach, technicians will specialize in EDI technology to be able to perform their functions optimally. Also, on their first day, they learned more about the company, its facilities and how it works.

Technical training is a key issue for the company. For this reason, courses are offered on an ongoing basis so that employees can update and enhance their knowledge. The aim is for the team to always have the highest technological level in terms of the materials and tools needed to achieve excellence as professionals and ensure customer satisfaction.

With the additions in 2021, the team now totals more than 700 employees in its various locations: Valencia, Murcia, Seville, Paris, Milan, Casablanca, Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Bogota and Sao Paulo.

Currently, we are still looking for talent for Analyst Programmer, Cloud Engineer or Software Integrator profiles. If you are interested in working with a multinational technology company, you can apply for our job vacancies.