Edgar Simón, International Project Manager: “Working with the world’s leading businesses in highly demanding environments is a challenge”

His efforts have led him to develop a professional career and take up positions of responsibility in a very short period of time. Find out more about his job in the interview.

Edgar Simón, International Project Manager. His efforts have led him to develop a professional career and take up positions of responsibility in a very short period of time. Today he is in his element, working with world-class companies, with people of many different nationalities and a great team with shared values.

EDICOM: What is your role in EDICOM?

EDGAR SIMÓN: I’m a Project Manager. I’m in charge of leading projects in the international scope, in our company area, which, as you well know, is the electronic data interchange and e-invoicing sector.

At EDICOM, we manage projects using an agile methodology that is specific to the company, called ETM. This methodology is similar to Scrum, but we’ve versioned it to achieve the maximum productivity in each sprint, improving the scheduling, preventing blockages, but above all, adapting to change like chameleons. I believe that this methodology is part of the secret of our success and enables us to provide our clients with a very high quality service.

E: What do you appreciate most about your work?

E.S.: The people who make up the company are what I value most. I believe that each member has been carefully selected, as we all share the same values, which are also the company’s values. We have a mnemonic rule, which is very easy to remember, which is C2, E2, R2. C2 for constancy and commitment, E2 for effort and excellent and R2 for respect and responsibility.

I believe that these factors that we all share means we have an excellent working environment, cohesion, companionship and, in short, perfect mechanics that make us run like clockwork.

E: What challenges crop up in your work?

E.S.: Working with the world’s most important businesses, in highly demanding and trusting environments, with people of many different nationalities. In addition, my work involves being highly organized, analytical and forward-thinking, with the aim, as I would say, of getting ahead of the game. As a personal challenge, I always try to be one step ahead of what is going to happen with the projects and this allows us as a team to be very well prepared for any eventuality.

E: What opportunity has EDICOM provided you with?

E.S.: A meteoric career. Two promotions in less than two years in the company, up to my current position as Project Manager. The evolution of people at EDICOM is a reality, it is a fact.

E: Any projects that you feel particularly proud of?

E.S.: In general, the supplier portals that I have led, because they are totally customized projects, with very special and particular requirements from the client and which are totally above and beyond the usual standards. On the other hand, and although it is somewhat anecdotal, at the end of 2020 I became Program Manager for a prestigious pharmaceutical company without knowing that months later we would be waiting for a vaccine from them. To be working with this client at the height of the pandemic was a very enriching and highly motivating experience.

That’s another one of my functions, that of Program Manager. As Program Manager I lead the integral management for this client and others, helping them to ensure everything runs smoothly and always looking for new opportunities to provide more added value to their processes.

E: Favourite times in EDICOM?

E.S.: On a daily basis, the training sessions with my colleagues at the EDICOM gym are usually one of my best times, when we have fun and also get some exercise.

Outside the company, any team building activity organized by EDICOM is usually an incredible experience. Personally, my favourite is usually the kart racing, speeding around with my colleagues.

Finally, although the pandemic prevented it last time, we are looking forward to the trip to Ibiza and Formentera that we all have pending.

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