EDICOM among Spain’s 100 best companies to work for 2022

EDICOM is once again selected as one of the best companies to work for in Spain, ranking 39th in the El Mundo ranking. From the EDICOM Technical Department, they did not want to miss the opportunity to express a few words about this achievement.

One more year, EDICOM has been selected as one of the 100 best companies to work in Spain. A very important recognition for the company, which dedicates a lot of effort to good talent management, ensuring the maximum well-being for its employees. Below, some words from our Technical Management, specifically from Ana Darder, Human Resources Manager and Managing Partner of EDICOM:

Motivated to keep improving

Normally, many awards are given to companies because they pay for it, although if they did obtain their position in the ranking this way, it would have no value.

After filling in a questionnaire of more than 100 questions and being analysed by experts from the Economic News section of newspaper El Mundo, EDICOM is once again ranked among the 100 best companies to work for in Spain for the fourth consecutive year. This encourages us to continue to innovate in the area of people development, with the aim of further improving many aspects of our work.

About ten years ago, we saw how many technicians were leaving EDICOM in search of a career, a better salary and a better quality of life. Those of us who are coordinating and managing teams know how difficult it is to attract people with our values and with the aim of growing professionally and in human terms with us for many years, as outlined in our Mission statement.

Something was wrong and we were unable to achieve our Mission to its fullest extent.

There is a quote made by Einstein about change many years ago and I always like to remember it. Einstein said, “Let’s not think that things will change if we always do the same thing”, which is the same as saying “To find different results you have to do different things”. This saying has always been an inspiration to us.

  • We started to think outside the box, to the point where we were able to find better ways to do the work with smaller teams that could be managed and developed much more swiftly.
  • We started to change the organization, creating a structure that was scalable and offered new positions of responsibility, to create spaces in the work organization where people could think, express themselves and give their opinions about ‘what to do and how to do things’ more effectively.
  • We reinvented our training and working processes to ensure faster specialization and more suited to each person.
  • We reformulated our remuneration policies to make them more equitable and aligned to the value contribution of each employee.
  • We redefined performance appraisals by increasing their frequency in the first few years and spreading them throughout the year so that we achieve greater scalability in this process of employee tracking and growth. This in turn has allowed us to support our staff growth volumes by maintaining the One to One Director – manager – employee meetings.
  • We have made our working hours and teleworking policies substantially more flexible.

Words of grattitude for the entire EDICOM team

In addition to all the internal organizational changes we have been making over the last ten years, something that has also really helped us improve was the creation of the Branding Development and Internal Communication department. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire Human Resources team and the Branding Development and Communication team, because they are doing a great job. They have managed, together with the help and commitment of our employees, to make it known outside the company what we do at EDICOM and what our life is like inside. All this is being done thanks to the conviction with which our employees tell their Incompany life stories. It is very satisfying to see how they share their work and teambuilding experiences with their colleagues and families in networks and photos. As a result of all this we are achieving the engagement we were looking for from our target audience.

I am very pleased when professionals from different fields proudly tell me that they have recommended their children or acquaintances to work at EDICOM.

Many years ago, the vast majority came to EDICOM to gain some experience before moving on to another company. This has changed considerably in recent years, and the majority now say they’re coming to “make a professional career with us”, because they know that “outside EDICOM it’s very cold and the coat you are offered is not the same as the one we provide here.”

I am very proud to have all the employees I have working with me, because I am convinced that EDICOM’s current outcomes are the result of the good work and involvement of all the people who work with us, because they all add up and with their excellent attitude they multiply the results. Although sometimes we may not all agree on decisions, everyone feels the freedom to express their opinion because we are all convinced that these enrich the lives of all of us. On many occasions they even prompt us to reconsider the decisions we were about to take. All this is what makes a team, and ultimately a company, great and fruitful.

Many authoritarian managers say they are looking for people who know how to work in a team, but they often do not know how to be participative or how to work in a team with their peers and subordinates in their organizational structure. I avoid this kind of managers and decision makers, as I seek to surround myself with people who dare to tell me things, even if it hurts me, because it is the only way to move forward and change.

There are now more than 60 people in the whole EDICOM group who manage people along with me and we are all rowing in the same direction, together with the middle managers who share this objective. This is what allows the EDICOM ship to follow the course set in the line of “Meeting our customers’ needs and achieving the human and professional growth of our employees”, so that we have learned to navigate in all kinds of waters, overcoming all kinds of situations that have affected the technology sector: change of Millennium, change of currency to the Euro, the .com crisis, pandemic and various economic crises.

I would like to end by thanking the Economic News section of El Mundo for valuing all the work we are doing, as shown by the position in the ranking obtained, and of course, I do not want to forget our clients for trusting us every day. Finally, I will never tire of thanking our employees for making our growth possible. Without our clients and without the commitment, engagement, professional and human quality of our team, EDICOM would not be possible.

Ana María Darder Navarro

Human Resources Manager
and Founder Manager