EDICOM attends UPV-Innovation Conference IV

Once again this year, EDICOM was present at one of the major benchmark meetings for researchers, entrepreneurs and R&D&I agents at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Ana Darder, founding partner and Human Resources Director of the company and CEO of the Social Council of the UPV, attended on behalf of the company and gave the closing speech of the event.

Last Wednesday, the 4th edition of the UPV-Innovation Day was held at the Polytechnic City of Innovation, an event aimed at teaching staff and researchers, entrepreneurs and companies from the university’s innovative ecosystem.

It was a chance for professionals and students from very different fields to meet, but with something in common: passion for the world of innovation. As in previous editions, EDICOM was present at this event and it was Ana Darder, founding partner and Human Resources Director, who attended on our behalf.

The event featured ground-breaking and highly ambitious projects from different sectors (health, education, technology, public administrations, etc.). Leading business figures, researchers and entrepreneurs shared experiences and perspectives with the audience on how innovation plays a fundamental role and has a great impact on today’s society.

The importance and responsibility of universities and companies to continue promoting STEAM careers, as well as fostering female talent in the scientific-technological field, was also emphasised.

Finally, Ana Darder, EDICOM Director of Human Resources, gave the closing speech of the event. In it, she delivered a clear and strong message about the importance of such initiatives for the present and future: “We have addressed how innovation can be a powerful tool to address the social and environmental challenges of our times. These are just some of the examples of how innovation can improve our lives and the world around us.”

EDICOM attends UPV-Innovation Conference IV
Ana Darder giving the closing speech of the UPV-Innovation Conference IV

Innovation has been a core attribute and driver of EDICOM since its inception and we will continue to champion it. To conclude the event, Ana Darder encouraged those present to “continue to commit to innovation and work from the values of the 2Es, the 2Cs and the 2Rs“. Working on the basis of effort and the search for excellence, with commitment and perseverance, respect and responsibility to build a better, more sustainable and efficient world, because it is the best legacy we can leave to future generations.”