EDICOM collaborates with Technovation Girls 2022

On May 28, the final and awards ceremony for Technovation Girls Valencian Community teams was held, where EDICOM was present as a sponsor. In addition, the company was also part of the jury and participated in the awards

Once again this year, EDICOM has collaborated with Technovation Girls, the global technology competition for girls. This time round, not only as a sponsor, but also as a mentor of two of the Valencian Community’s teams, the Vitalbite (Junior category) and Together Connected (Beginner category) projects.

Last Saturday, the Valencian Community Technovation Girls final and prize awards were held, hosted by María José Valero, ambassador of the Technovation project in the community and CEO of Talent Growth. In addition to attending as mentors to support their teams, EDICOM had the honour of being a jury member in the Senior category and participating in the award ceremony.

The event was held at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. The morning kicked off with a fair where the girls were the protagonists, showing their projects to the visiting public from their stands. Next, it was the turn of the jury, who rigorously evaluated the mobile applications developed by the teams. Finally, after the verdict was reached, the prizes were awarded.

Manuel Roselló (Software Engineer) and Maribel Conejero, (EDI Consultant Support), represented the company at the event. Both played the role of judges, getting an up-close look at the girls’ potential and talent. In addition, Maribel presented the first prize in the Beginner category and dedicated some moving words to all of them on behalf of EDICOM, showing our admiration for them:

Although the outcome is important, even more important is the path that has led you here today.You have demonstrated all the values that represent EDICOM: commitment, perseverance, excellence, effort, respect and responsibility.Remember, a journey of 10,000 kilometres begins with just one step.Congratulations.

Maribel Conejero, EDI Consultant Support in EDICOM

Undoubtedly, the most exciting moment was when the winners were announced. EDICOM was proud to see the two teams mentored finish among the top positions in their respective categories. Vitalbite achieved gold in the Junior category and Together Connected, in turn, gained a silver in the Beginner category. Two projects worked upon with enthusiasm and a lot of effort by their creators and mentors: Carolina Expósito (Software Engineer at EDICOM) and Fernando Izquierdo.


Created by María Izquierdo, Pilar Pardo and Carmen Kerr. The application is designed to help people with eating disorders (specifically BEDs): detecting their cases, providing them with professional advice and monitoring their progress.

Together Connected

Project created by Marta Izquierdo, Paloma Pardo and Carol Soriano. An application to assist visually impaired, deaf and mute people by helping in their social integration.

The competition is still to be played out in the worldwide scope. However, the fact that they have created such great projects to make our society a better place is already an achievement and something for which the girls are already winners. EDICOM will continue to support them and contribute to the increasing presence of female talent in the technology sector.