EDICOM holds Christmas Dinner in its various branch offices

After a hiatus period due to the pandemic, EDICOM resumes its traditional Christmas dinners in the different company branches. Celebrating the festive season in style – and as a team.

The offices of EDICOM Murcia, Mexico City, Seville, Valencia and Casablanca celebrated their big night together. Each of the Christmas dinners was very special, so let’s take a look back at them all!

December 9th, 2022: Christmas Dinner in Murcia

Murcia’s edicomers were the first to celebrate this event. For the occasion, they posted a special visit from their colleagues from Valencia: Pedro Ramirez (Software Engineer), Santiago Bellosta (Head of Research and Development Department), César Picó (Consulting Manager) and Oscar Musso (International Project Manager).

The dinner took place at the city’s spectacular ODISEO Leisure Centre, where they enjoyed an excellent team dinner. Afterwards, they continued the party in “El Club”, a discotheque located in the same building as the event. It was a really fun family night of reunions and good times.

December 9th , 2022: Winter Dinner in Mexico

The EDICOM Mexico branch held its dinner at the imposing Casino Español, located in the historic centre of Mexico City. Employees’ partners also attended the event.

The team celebrated this great occasion in formal evening wear with an exquisite dinner, many toasts and a live show. And of course, partying and dancing to follow.

The Spanish Managers with teams in Mexico did not want to miss the occasion and flew there to celebrate the event with them. In addition, those in charge presented plaques of honour to those who have been working at EDICOM for 10 years.

December 16th, 2022: Christmas Dinner in Seville

Now properly into the Christmas season, our Seville delegation had its Christmas dinner at the Hotel Sevilla Center, a well-known four-star hotel in the heart of the city.

There, the team celebrated dinner with their partners and the party took place in a very special way: A Silent Disco! Through wireless headphones, the employees enjoyed the music to their heart’s content, dancing together and having a great time. It was definitely a really pleasant and fun way to end the year as a team.

December 16th, 2022: Christmas Dinner in Valencia

After 2 years, the Valencia team celebrated their long awaited Christmas Dinner at none other than La Cartuja de Ara Christi, a historic wedding venue and garden in Valencia.

In what was a gala dinner, the employees and their partners enjoyed an unforgettable evening where they dined wonderfully and had good times together as a team, laughing and dancing in a dreamlike setting.

On this occasion, as was done in Mexico, the management presented honorary plaques to employees who had been with the company for 10 years.

January 2nd, 2023: Christmas dinner in Morocco

Ana Darder and Jose Vilata, the company’s Technical Management, travelled to Casablanca to meet the youngest EDICOM branch (set up just over a year ago). Today, they are spending the week with our Moroccan colleagues.

On this trip, they took the opportunity to celebrate the team’s first Christmas dinner. The place chosen for this was Dar Dada, a beautiful traditional Moroccan restaurant. There, they enjoyed a tasty dinner with dancing and live entertainment.

Undoubtedly, one of the first great occasions for the EDICOM Morocco team.