EDICOM holds Junior Programming and E-Sports Sessions

The kids had an incredible experience at the company’s facilities. They had the time of their lives learning about web programming, video games and playing e-sports tournaments. The activity wound up with the creation of a blog inspired by EDICOM values, developed by the children themselves. Some real Top Tech Kids!

A few weeks ago, 40 kids – children of EDICOM employees from 8 to 17 years of age – enjoyed three consecutive days of technology days with Lifecole, an educational and extracurricular activities organisation. The activity, which took place at the headquarters of the Valencian multinational, had a twofold objective: recreational and educational.

Entering the programming world

The setup consisted of group workshops focusing on programming and new technologies, with no need for previous knowledge. The youngsters spent part of their time at the training campus, where the instructors taught them basic programming concepts in the most fun way, through video games!

There were three sections to specialise in:

  • Roblox: The kids learned how to design and create adventures, build worlds… customising 100% to their liking.
  • Minecraft: Here they learnt commands, customising their worlds and creating their characters. On the last day they applied what they had learned and managed to create a world in which all teams were represented.
  • Web development: The older kids started to work with HTML codes, managing to design their own websites by the end of the activity.

And so children of different ages cooperated, had their first experiences with programming and had fun together.

E-sports tournament: Minecraft, Roblox and Retro videogames

Each day, after lunch and a full morning of learning, the youngsters ended the day with an e-Sports tournament. In the company facilities, EDICOM had prepared three zones set in Minecraft, Roblox and retro video games from the 70s and 80s. In each zone, the participants played two tournaments in groups.

On the last day, those with the highest scores debuted the final, and they did it in style: with 2 large projection screens in the hall… and in front of an audience! Their parents did not want to miss the big event.

The winning team received their acknowledgement, and José Vilata, Technical Director of EDICOM, presented each member with a personalised prize.

Real Top Tech Kids!

Lifecole proposed a great challenge for the kids to round off their activity: What if they were to create their own EDIVERSE? With great enthusiasm, the children got down to work.

The group that specialised in web development worked on the programming and created a website focused on all the teams contributing to the content.

Welcome to the EDIVERSE!

Each team was assigned one of the  EDICOM values, and then the kids created a blog inspired by the company.

The children reflected on how they experienced these exciting days based on commitment, perseverance, excellence, effort, respect and responsibility. In this web space, we can meet the taking part, as well as the adventures that took place during these days, as told by the participants themselves.

All of them received a very special diploma, acknowledging their outstanding performance during the sessions. We are sure that, like us, they will remember this experience very fondly.