EDICOM offers a talk to women developers at Dev Day 4 Women

Daphne Aguilar and Carolina Expósito shared their experience and evolution as women working in a technology company such as EDICOM.

On October 1, Daphne Aguilar, International Project Leader Support, and Carolina Expósito, Software Engineer from EDICOM, took part in the Dev Day 4 Women sessions. During their talk, they shared their experience and evolution as women working in a technology company. The event was designed to give visibility to female software developers.

Daphne Aguilar explained how she developed her career in the company from the outset in the Software Integration department until today, when she works in International Preferential Support. “With all my experience, now I have the opportunity to be in International Preferential Support. I currently have over 40 client accounts assigned to my name. I provide support to companies such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and the Netherlands”, she added.

In turn, Carolina Expósito has been with the firm for over 20 years. During that time, she points out that she has not stopped training, learning new technologies to continue her progress. “If you choose a career as an IT technician, you have to keep in mind that the great thing is that you never stop learning. You don’t finish your degree and get a qualification that just sits there in its frame. No. This qualification helps you to find work at that time, but in this career we are in an ongoing state of evolution”, she explained.

In addition, she added how training is approached by the company. “Luckily, in EDICOM all employees are offered continuous training. In the case of Development, we have our own package of courses. You need to keep training, because there’s nothing left of the old Delphi, or the Windows that was there when I entered the Department. Now we all have Linux, Java, Elastic, Kubernetes, Hazelcast… and a stack of words that, when I was studying, did not exist”.