EDICOM sponsors chair with Valencia Polytechnic University

Tech multinational creates a chair together with the university to continue promoting and attracting Valencian talent.

The Valencian technology company, a benchmark in EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), e-invoicing and tax compliance, continues to make headway in its commitment to Valencian talent. EDICOM has created its own chair along with the Universitat Politècnica de Valencia: ‘Chair in Cloud Application Development, Deployment and Integration’, attached to the School of IT Engineering .

This connection came about with the aim of achieving an even closer approach to the students, ensuring more visibility as active collaborators of the UPV. A number of initiatives are already up and running: training, tech talks or participation in various events to promote student talent.

EDICOM firma una cátedra con la UPV

Greater visibility among students

 “EDICOM has been collaborating with the UPVC for years and actively participates in different councils and sections of the university. The firm also fosters initiatives for the training and incorporation of UPV students and graduates, through training courses, scholarships and curricular internships, among others.”– recalls Joan Fons, Director of the UPV-EDICOM Chair – “The UPV-EDICOM chair provides an integrating framework that will hopefully give more visibility to all the actions that the company has already been carrying out, and use the momentum to further enhance this collaboration.”

Fons highlights the two lines of main objectives followed by the UPV-EDICOM chair: “The first is concerned with increasing the company’s visibility among students through lectures in courses, sponsorship of events and awards… as well as continuing to invest in scholarships and promoting curricular internships.”

 “With the second line, the company, from a current and forward-looking perspective, aims to introduce new approaches to its solutions. The Chair will also invest in applying research results from UPV groups or institutes in the field of Artificial Intelligence to the domain of Cloud Application Integration.”

EDICOM and the UPV go hand in hand

For her part, Ana Darder, the company’s Human Resources Director and Deputy Technical Director, emphasises that “the aim is to give more visibility to what we do here.” She also announced the objectives in terms of training and recruiting talent in EDICOM

We will continue to invest in Artificial Intelligence. This chair will be devoted, in part, to AI training, where professors will train the team we deem appropriate and, in collaboration with them, we will develop large-scale projects.”

“With the Chair’s brand, we will have more access to classrooms and therefore to students. EDICOM and the UPV will go hand in hand. Ultimately, it’s about visibility, training and collaboration.

EDICOM firma una cátedra con la UPV

The agreement was signed last Monday 13 May at the Rectorate of the UPV. On behalf of the university, the event was attended by José Esteban Capilla Romá (UPV Rector), Mª Dolores Salvador Moya (Vice-Rector for Employment and Training), Silvia Terrasa Barrena (Director of IT at ETSI), Malak Kubessi Pérez (Director of the Chairs and Employment Area), César Ferri Ramírez (Deputy Director of Professional Environment Relations) and Joan Fons Cors (UPV-EDICOM Chair Director).

Representing EDICOM were José Vilata Tamarit (Technical Director) and Ana Darder Navarro (HR Director and Deputy Technical Manager).