EDICOM take part in the technical seminar of the ETSE UV

EDICOM has always shown special concern and sensitivity to the training of future engineers. This is why we always make an effort to remain in contact with universities – to transmit the technology needs of businesses, with a view to bringing the study plans of the different IT degrees into line with current market needs.

EDICOM take part in the technical seminar of the ETSE UV. On March 27, at the School of Information Technology and Telecommunications. Angela Cobos, Business Techniques course manager, offered us the chance to take part in her pupils’ education.

Oscar Musso, International Project Director from EDICOM and César Pico, Head of International Projects and EDICOM consulting team manager, were responsible for delivering the technical seminar.

The content focused on explaining our own working approach in the consulting department. Efficient Team Methodology, based on the theory of agile methodologies such as Scrum and PMP best practices. To make this possible, they explained how EDICOM invests a lot in training for its workers and in certificates such as PMI, Cambridge and ITIL, among others

Finally, they outlined how international projects are run using these methodologies. For example PEPPOL, a project promoted by the European Commission to make it possible for any company in the EU to communicate electronically with any European public sector organ. This project is a joint initiative among public agencies and private providers across Europe, which calls for a great capacity for coordination and organization to be able to meet the deadlines set in time and conditions. 

Following the interest of all students and the questions that were raised. Our preselection manager Ivan Ripoll explained the working conditions in the company and the different ways to access a job in EDICOM.

After the seminar, the UV expressed its satisfaction with the work carried out and thanked us for our participation.

From EDICOM, we would like to thank the University of Valencia for opening its doors, allowing us to collaborate with them. As well as all the students for their attendance and the great reception they gave us.


EDICOM is a multinational leader in business-to-business software and data integration services, with offices in Seville, Paris, Milan, New York, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and São Paulo. From our headquarters in Valencia, we work with cutting-edge technologies, researching and innovating to provide the best solutions to big companies worldwide.

WE WORK in an international environment with agile methodologies that will immerse you in every project help you achieve excellence. Along with your team, in each of our areas: R+D, software development, systems and infrastructure, applications integration, support and business development.

WE TRUST in talent as a driver of professional growth within EDICOM. Encourage the evolution and technical enhancement of each employee through ongoing training.

WE LOOK AFTER our workers, with a great professional environment based on familiarity, flexibility and teamwork. As well as team building and sports activities, language training and health insurance.