First class of the Mozambique IT Room Project, in which EDICOM collaborated, graduates

Four years ago, EDICOM decided to collaborate with Padre Vicente Berenguer in his educational work, helping young people with scant resources in Mozambique. Faced with a pandemic and with the help of the Digital Future Foundation, the action continued to make headway. And finally, the students in the first graduating class of this inspiring project have completed their studies

In 2019, EDICOM, through the Digital Future Foundation, joined forces, collaborating in Padre Vicente Berenguer’s educational project in Mozambique. The aim of this initiative was the creation of an IT classroom at the secondary school Ressano García Instituto 4 de octubre, in Maputo. The project was to provide access to new technologies for more than 1500 disadvantaged Mozambican students, who would be able to take part in online training courses given by universities in Spain and Mozambique.

Overcoming the setbacks

In April 2020, members of the Digital Future Foundation, alongside volunteers from EDICOM and Valencian universities, were due to go to Mozambique to help with setting up and kitting out the classroom. However, the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic prevented the trip taking place.

Nevertheless, the project still went ahead. During the 2020-2022 period, EDICOM donated several sets of IT equipment, which, once preconfigured, were forwarded to Mozambique along with other goods, such as powdered milk for children, sanitary material or medicines. The Digital Future Foundation took charge of the logistics.

In this article, the foundation explains in detail how the project was developed.

Promising young Mozambicans

The classroom finally got up and running in 2020. The room itself had impeccable conditions in terms of quality and functionality. Thanks to this project, young students were able to access the – hitherto unknown to them – digital world. In these classes, they received online training in IT, office applications and other current subjects.

So, after years of work and effort, the objective has been achieved. We are pleased to announce that the students of the first graduating class of this educational project finished their studies successfully.

The young participants celebrated their well-deserved graduation enthusiastically. At the event, thanks were given to Padre Vicente Berenguer, the Digital Future Foundation and EDICOM for their collaboration. We are still only in the early stages of the onset of change and progress in this country, whose future will be marked by young people and their education.

First class of the Mozambique IT Room Project, in which EDICOM collaborated, graduates

Here at EDICOM, we shall continue to support projects of this nature and keep on working to bring technology closer to young people worldwide.