Marina Marín, Software Integrator: “The initial training gave me the necessary knowledge to be able to work with real clients”

Discover the first days, what the initial training brings and how was the integration into the team of one of the people who have landed in the company in recent months, Marina Marín, Software Integrator.

Marina Marín is a Software Integrator. She started work in EDICOM just a few months ago and tells us about her first few days, when she was rather nervous. As well as how the initial training provided her with everything needed to deal with real clients. And finally, how she feels at home now.

EDICOM: How was your first day in EDICOM?

MARINA MARÍN: On my first day in EDICOM I was a bit anxious, nervous to begin with, but I felt very welcomed by the whole team, and by all the people who work here. The first thing that surprised me is to see the great facilities here at EDICOM, the large number of people that work here, what they do and the great organization they have. The fact is that the first day I came here, I knew I would want to stay here to work.

E: What did you get from the initial training?

M.M.: The initial training provided me with all the knowledge necessary to be able to work with real customers. At first I found it a little daunting to think that I was going to be working with such big clients and that it would be difficult, but thanks to the knowledge I acquired in the training, I was able to tackle all the challenges without any problems. The company has given me the chance to develop myself both personally and professionally, as well as developing my knowledge of languages, which is very important to me.

E: What was it like joining your team?

M.M.: Joining the team was much better than I expected. They gave me a really warm welcome. At the beginning I was a little afraid that I might not know how to cope with the tasks, but thanks to my team, the way they welcomed me and the help they have given me, I feel at home. I feel very comfortable.

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