Siria Pantano, International Project Manager: “I learned how to manage large accounts and interact with international clients through my growth in EDICOM”

After only four years in Spain and a brilliant career in EDICOM, Siria Pantano now holds the post of International Project Manager. Find out more about his experience in the interview.

After only four years in Spain and a brilliant career in EDICOM, Siria Pantano now holds the post of International Project Manager. On the way, she has never stopped learning through her day-to-day work, international projects and ongoing training, but there has also been time for get-togethers that have served to strengthen ties with the team.

EDICOM: What is your role in EDICOM?

SIRIA PANTANO: I’m an International Project Manager in EDICOM and my job is to plan and organize all the phases that make up a project. In particular, I’m focused on narrowing the scopes in the first meetings with clients and scheduling all the necessary resources to be able to meet the targets set by the client.

To carry out these activities, I use two fundamental methodologies here at EDICOM: the SCRUM methodology and the project management approach designated PMP. At EDICOM we have adapted these two methodologies to subdivide the resources into ETM, i.e. in teams.

If I had to qualify my job with a single word, it would be flexibility in carrying out my tasks, because at all times I have to be able to change the route in order to continue to achieve the objective.

E: What do you appreciate most about your job in EDICOM?

S.P.: What I most appreciate about my work here in EDICOM is the atmosphere, because there is always a relaxed but at the same time professional feel, both with colleagues and customers. I have always felt very supported and backed up by my team members and managers.

Fundamental here is the concept of respect, which is learned the first day we enter EDICOM. You can always learn from your colleagues and every member of the team can always bring something to the table.

E: What challenges do you face in your work?

S.P.: In my work I can say that there are always new challenges because, on the one hand, you always have to be able to run many projects at the same time, taking into account the clients’ needs, responding in the safest way and, above all, always ensuring high enough quality to be able to carry out each of the tasks that make up a project.

Moreover, you need to identify the key points that make up a Project Manager’s job, such as being proactive and responsible at all times. In fact, we must be able to modify the work according to the availability of our team, our ETM, and the client’s availability each week.

E: What opportunity has working with EDICOM given you?

S.P.: Working in EDICOM has enabled me to grow, both professionally and personally. In fact, I learned how to manage large accounts and, most importantly, interact with international clients thanks to the growth I achieved in EDICOM.

On the other hand, I have also been able to learn new things thanks to continuous training courses and specializations. And above all, we mustn’t forget the chance that EDICOM gives us to learn languages and be able to apply them in our daily lives.

E: Any projects you’ve taken part in that you feel especially proud of?

S.P.: Definitely the first project I carried out here in EDICOM, which was about electronic invoicing in Italy. In that project, I took part in each phase of rollout and management of activities and resources. In fact, I started as a Software Integrator at the very outset in EDICOM, and later I was able to provide client support when they promoted me to Project Leader Support for large accounts and, finally, now after becoming a Project Manager I organize and schedule all the activities and have also have become a Program Manager, which is level N2 of the Project Manager which, in particular, focuses on large accounts.

E: Favourite times in EDICOM.

S.P.: I can say that there are many things that make me feel comfortable and at ease here at EDICOM. In principle, simply the fact of being able to go for a coffee with colleagues and talk about your day to day, about things outside the working environment, even to the point of organizing dinners and lunches outside of the timetable here.

On the other hand, there is always a very funny anecdote that I like to tell. When I first started in EDICOM, in my first team, we used to organize a ‘sausage Friday’ every week. Each member of the team had to bring something for the teammates to eat for lunch and we spent the whole week looking forward to seeing what we were going to find on the table.