Tech Talks with Beer at Edicom

EDICOM’s Tech Talks with Beer are a chance to exchange views and experience between employees from different departments in a relaxed atmosphere and outside working hours.

Tech Talks with Beer at EDICOM. Last Friday, at the end of the working day, the EDICOM BUSINESS CENTER in Valencia hosted a new Edicom Tech Talks with Beer event. Taking part in the sessions is voluntary. Each time, one of our colleagues gives a talk on a different subject related with the company’s inner workings, or one of our services and products. This is a chance to expand knowledge and transmit experiences in a convivial and cordial atmosphere.

Issues of interest are put forward by Edicom’s own technicians through our training portal. Once the subject is chosen, the date is set and announced via Intranet, while the speaker prepares the presentation. On this occasion, one of our “Scrum Masters” from the Development department gave us an in-depth explanation of change management practices, the architecture of our service “Pools” and some lesser-known details of our updating procedure.

After the presentation, during the question-and-answer segment, participants had the opportunity to voice their queries and put forward real cases, initiating a short debate, where among other things we were able to hear the opinions of some of the company’s managers, who had come to the session just like any other spectator.


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