EDICOM celebrates its traditional Christmas Eve toast

Messages of gratitude, satisfaction for a job well done and nostalgia to return to our day to day after more than nine months of teleworking due to the pandemic starred in the event.

This year, our traditional Christmas Eve toast had to be done from a distance and in front of a screen. That did not stop the messages of gratitude from being repeated, especially at a time when we have all had to face adversity. Pride and satisfaction for a job well done were also present, thanks to the efforts of all concerned. There was also room for nostalgia, as we miss working day to day, side by side, with the EDICOM team.

2020 has been a “strange” year, where our work centres have grown to more than 600, as many as there are employees, due to teleworking to preserve the health of the team and business continuity. In this new situation, ourt camaraderie, support and backing have remained intact. In the same way as our ongoing improvement, to make the impossible possible, over the last 25 years.