Vicente Silvestre and Raul Aranda. 25 years at EDICOM

Working for 25 years in a company that is 27 years old?

Vicente and Raul celebrated last year 25 years with us and they wanted to share with us how it’s been this long road.

Working for 25 years in a company that is 27 years old?

Last year, two colleagues celebrated 25 years at our side. In today’s world, where experiences are becoming more and more fleeting, engagement is waning and we are bombarded through social media with new challenges and opportunities, it is increasingly rare to find such examples.

People who committed to a project from the beginning, experiencing good times and unforgettable moments as a team and facing all kinds of challenges, and have managed to be part of EDICOM‘s growth over the last few years.

Thousands of clients and projects have passed through their hands and they have seen, from the commercial department, how the product evolved and changed in the face of the new scenarios that have arisen. They have witnessed how we progressed from offering our services only in Spain to providing them internationally.

We caught up with Vicente Silvestre and Raúl Aranda to hear about their journey with us. Vicente and Raúl head the Iberia sales teams (Spain and Portugal) and know better than anyone what EDICOM is like from the inside: our values, our culture, our customs… They have and have had many colleagues in their teams with whom they have been able to share countless moments together. Projects, travel, clients, events, conventions…

In this interview, Vicente and Raul talk about four main points:

How did you arrive at EDICOM?

Their beginnings with us, what they saw in the project, in the team that was there at the time…

How has everything changed and evolved over the past 25 years?

In 25 years there is room for a lot of stories, changes… technology forces you to innovate on a daily basis.

What has changed and what is still the same?

What do you say to anyone who comes to your team?

Both hold the role of Team Managers, actively participating in the selection of new colleagues for their team. What do they look for in each new colleague? What is important for them to know? EDICOM as a small “family

Where do you see EDICOM 5 years from now? And 25 years later?

Who better than someone who has seen and grown along with the project to look into the future and anticipate what is to come.

Thank you, Vicente and Raul, for your commitment and for being the best possible example for future generations.

Thank you for sharing so much with us. Here you have a summary of the conversation we had.

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