We are working towards increasing numbers of women choosing STEM careers. To this end, we carry out different actions to reinforce the interest of girls and young people in the study of scientific-technological subjects.

Professional orientation talks

We introduce STEM careers to schools and colleges, highlighting the professional prospects for engineering in the business world. We also emphasise the usefulness of technologies for society, the importance of the technology sector and the more fun side of ICTs.


We collaborate with the DevWomen project, designed to make women visible in the world of technology, especially in IT development.

The aim is to maximize the spread of technology, from schools to companies, in order to encourage the incorporation of more women with a programmer profile in the ICT sector.

Technovation Girls

We participate in the Technovation initiative, which seeks to motivate and build girls’ ICT skills. The initiative seeks to improve gender equality in the technology sector. To do so, girls’ teams take on the challenge of resolving a social issue through technology.

They must draw up a project, defend it and compete in a classification that will take them to the US if they reach the final.

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