EDICOM celebrates International Women and Girls in Science Day!

Reclaiming STEAM vocations! On such an important date for EDICOM, we have a message for all those women and girls with dreams to fulfil.

Yesterday, 11 February, marked the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, a very special day for EDICOM, in line with our STEAM commitment.

At EDICOM, we have hundreds of talented women of whom we are deeply proud, and without them the company could not have become what it is today. This is why we did not want to miss the opportunity to highlight the value of technological vocations with our team.

Julia Camarena, Mireia Pires, Paula Miralles and Mar Pinilla, decided to pursue their vocation and opted for a STEAM career. Below, they leave us a message reflecting on how that choice has positively impacted their lives.

“Studying for a STEAM career has made me realise that it is possible to break stereotypes. This has given me confidence both personally and professionally that I am capable of doing what was not supposed to be for women.”

Julia Camarena, degree in Multimedia Engineering

“Taking a STEAM degree course has made me realise that this is not a single-gender world. I think it’s important for all girls and women to know this, so that they are encouraged to develop their professional future in this field.”

Mireia Pires, degree in Computer Engineering

“Studying computational maths has been key in my personal and professional development. This has helped me to develop as a woman in the industry, as I have found in this discipline a space where I can make a valuable contribution.”

Paula Miralles, degree in Computational Mathematics

“I think it is a fact how important diversity is to add value in all sectors. If you are at the point of choosing which path to follow and you have given it the slightest thought, don’t give it any more thought because I think it is a great opportunity to develop both personally and professionally.”

Mar Pinilla, degree in Telecommunications Engineering

Thank for being an inspiration, girls!