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Did you know that EDICOM is one of the leading EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and e-invoicing businesses worldwide? Our solutions link up businesses and large multinationals located on five continents and integrate their management systems.

EDICOM helps digitalize companies through the development of SaaS solutions (Software as a Service), automating and integrating data interchange (EDI) and eliminating manual insertion errors and unnecessary use of paper worldwide. The firm has branches in New York, Milan, Paris, Valencia, Seville, Seville, Murcia, Mexico City, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Casablanca.

From the Edicom Systems Department, we design and implement our own Cloud, where the workloads of any international project are executed. This cloud starts in our own Datacenter and from this base, we build all the layers of a complete Cloud. Our systems engineers design the physical and virtual server solutions that best suit each element of the service.

At each level, we use the technology that brings the most benefit to our customers, which means we have to continually renew the design of each component in order to stay aligned with the growth of our clients.

Our Cloud includes current solutions such as PaaS based on Kubernetes, IaaS systems for server virtualization or distributed object storage systems such as Ceph.


What are you going to find?

Your first step in EDICOM will be full training in all the technologies we work with in our systems department. This initial training period lasts for 8 weeks and during all this time you will receive training from different specialists, working with real examples.

In the systems area, we have three teams of administrators. Each team is specialized in different vertical technologies, but during the first few months of work you will rotate among all these teams in order to obtain an overall vision and knowledge of the department.

The following teams make up the department:

  • Infrastructure specialists (“CORE”): Administering the physical infrastructure, from the Datacenter itself, to the racks, Datacenter control systems, physical servers, virtual servers, operating systems (CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows Server) and communications. In this team, you will be designing and building the first level on which the rest of the infrastructure rests.
  • Data specialists (“DATA”): From this team, you will be able to work on relational database systems in HA, No-SQL databases, data analytics systems such as ElasticSearch or In-Memory Data Grid systems such as Hazelcast. Our data specialists manage all data storage systems regardless of their nature. They designed and implemented our own Ceph-based object storage environment.
  • Applications specialists (“APPS”): All applications developed by our R&D area end up running in our Cloud under different architecture designs, in which elastic container orchestration platforms such as Kubernetes have a very strong presence, along with the entire ecosystem. Application specialists ensure that these apps are deployed in our environments and always remain highly available, both in native and microservices-oriented environments. In this team, you will also be able to manage the CAEDICOM Certification Authority, whose presence is international, and administer the operation and security of multiple Web and application servers.

After completing this initial training period, you will go on to join one of these teams without rotation, depending on the area in which you want to specialize.


What are we looking for in you?

  • Engineering in Computer Science, Telecommunications or similar.
  • Knowledge and experience using Linux. Operating system administration (especially Linux) is a common feature in all equipment, as Linux is the basis of 95% of our platform.
  • Network experience will be taken into account: firewalls, routers, load balancers, databases. As well as other knowledge related to systems and architectures.
  • People who have been able to carry out personal or academic projects using technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD, MySQL, Cisco Routers, Firewalls and administration of Linux and Windows servers will be highly appreciated.
  • Availability to work full time and shifts.

Advantages of the position

What we offer

  • You will be part of a Systems team that manages and administers the entire Cloud infrastructure needed to carry out international B2B and B2G projects.
  • You will be able to work with a proprietary Datacenter located at our headquarters in Valencia. Administration of an on-site Cloud allows hardware tuning to specially adapt it to the end use of the environments.
  • With all our services in the Cloud, you can enjoy a hybrid work system that combines in-house and remote working (3+2).
  • You will have productivity KPIs that will gauge your value and project your professional career. In addition, you will have access to ongoing technological training in any of the technologies implemented and to a Peer Programming initiative with which to grow with the help of some of our specialists.
  • You will have the confidence and stability to worry about nothing but your career with the company. Indefinite contract.
  • Salary reviews every six months during the first two years in line with your performance, growth, attitude, commitment and quality of work. Subsequent reviews will be held annually.
  • From the outset, you will have access to company benefits (medical insurance, flexible remuneration, sports and team-building activities and language training…). In Valencia, parking and gym).


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