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 Valencia, Sevilla and Murcia, Spain

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Did you know that EDICOM is one of the world’s major EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and e-invoicing businesses? Our solutions link up businesses and large multinationals located on five continents and integrate their management systems.

EDICOM helps digitalize companies through the development of SaaS solutions (Software as a Service), automating and integrating data interchange (EDI), thus eliminating manual insertion errors and unnecessary use of paper worldwide. The company has subsidiaries in New York, Milan, Paris, Valencia, Seville, Murcia, Mexico City, Bogota, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Casablanca.

Would you like to work with cutting edge technologies such as Angular or Kubernetes? Developing software solutions from scratch? Constantly researching new technologies to provide scalability and security? Working under Scrum-Kanban methodology? We are seeking to increase our Research and Development department, incorporating Software Engineers to take our SaaS forward to a new level.


Your role: Your main challenge will consist of developing, from scratch, SaaS EDI solutions for e-invoicing and tax compliance (VAT Compliance, e-Reporting, etc.).

By placing the solution, the product, at the centre, you will become involved in all phases of the development project: Systems and Requirements Analysis, Software Design and Architecture, Programming and Implementation, Checking and Testing, Documentation…

How to overcome the challenge?

  • Your first step in EDICOM will consist of taking part in a full-time specialization course, lasting approximately 6 weeks, in which we will teach you all about SaaS EDI, e-invoicing and tax compliance solutions.
  • After completing this phase, you will join one of the R&D area teams from which you will receive a more specific and multidisciplinary training. The R&D teams are composed of frontend and backend developers, architects and Devops technicians who deploy the EDICOM applications in the cloud.
  • Our aim (yours and Edicom’s) is that within the shortest possible time you will be able to take up the role of Fullstack Developer, which will enable you to master the different profiles within a team (frontend, backend, architect and devops) and to this end:
    • Frontend journey. You will receive training and work with Angular (framework used in web application development) and acquire knowledge in NgRx, Redux, Angular Material and Web component development.
    • Backend journey. Our language is Java, supported by the Spring framework, for applications development. You will be trained and developed in the Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Integration and Spring Batch. For the development of backend applications, you will use different storage systems:
      • MYSQL as a relational database system
      • ELASTICSEARCH as search engine
      • CEPH as object repository
      • HAZELCAST as distributed memory system, necessary for the development of microservices and applications running in the EDICOM cloud
  • You will also build backends using other technologies such as:
    • NODEJS and the NestJS framework
    • Phyton and the FastAPI framework, for the development of Machine Learning project
  • Once you achieve autonomy in the above, the next step will focus on the design and architecture of new developments that are requested from the R&D department by the business department or management.
  • After all these steps, you will be able to deploy everything previously developed in EDICOM’s dedicated cloud infrastructure. The EDICOM cloud is supported by Kubernetes and a PaaS which will help us in the task of deploying applications. To carry out this task, we use technologies such as:
    • GITLAB for the development of ongoing integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD)
    • CUE as the language that will allow us to define the infrastructure that is deployed in Kubernetes.
    • DOCKER for creation of containers to be deployed.
  • We will accompany you with recurrent and continuous tutorials, every three months throughout the first year, so that you feel guided. We want you to grow where you want to go, as a Scrum Master, Product Owner…


What we are looking for in you:

  •  Degree in IT Engineering, Senior Technician. Multiplatform Application Development and Advanced Technical Degree in Web Applications Development. Always with the same common denominator, enthusiasm for Software development.
  • Previous experience in the required technologies and the responsibilities defined appreciated, as well as recent graduates or final year students seeking stability and a professional career.
  • A good academic record is appreciated.

Advantages of the position

What we offer:

  • You will be part of world-class R&D teams developing proprietary solutions that compete technologically around the world.
  •  From the outset, you will be able to assess, propose and innovate in all phases of the development project, thanks to agile methodologies and the efficient communication between departments and teams that we enjoy at EDICOM.
  • You will have productivity KPIs to gauge your value and project your professional career.
  •  You will have within your reach a defined and clear professional career from which you will be able to access positions such as Scrum Master, Product Owner, etc.
  • You will have the confidence and stability to worry about nothing but your career with the company. Indefinite contract.
  • Hybrid remote working model.
  • Salary reviews every 6 months during the first 2 years, and subsequently every year, in line with your performance, growth, attitude, innovation, commitment and quality of work.
  • With your indefinite contract, from the word go you will have access to company benefits (medical insurance, flexible remuneration, team-building activities, language training…).

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