Pablo de la Ossa, Software Integrator: “Starting out in EDICOM gives you the opportunity to gain key experience and knowledge”.

Discover the first days, what the initial training brings and how was the integration into the team of one of the people who have landed in the company in recent months.

Pablo de la Ossa is a Software Integrator. He joined EDICOM just a few months ago and tells us how the first days were full of learning and the hope of gaining experience in the sector. Likewise, how the initial training has provided him with knowledge, peers to rely on and experience of professionals. Finally, he was pleased to join the team thanks to the help from his colleagues.

How was the first day?

The first few days were difficult because you had to retain a lot of information and grasp a lot of knowledge. Adapting to the company’s rhythm as well, although we were entering a different environment because being in production is not the same as being in the learning phase, since it is a totally different rhythm, but we still have to adapt to it.

At the same time, the beginning is also exciting because it gives you the chance to enter this sector and acquire key experience and knowledge for your life and work.

What did you get from the initial training?

First of all, it introduced me to my colleagues, an excellent group of people; really, I’ve got no complaints. We were able to communicate with each other, we were able to help each other, which is what this job demands, because we have to cooperate to reach the same goal in order to move forward.

It has also given me a lot of knowledge, obviously, because in this sector above all, and for me it was new, a lot of knowledge that later will help you not only in EDICOM, but also in life with the whole business of distribution, with the whole issue of invoices and so on.

Also, getting to know the people who make up EDICOM, who are highly professional and, at the end of the day, are there to help, and they do so very well.

How did you feel about joining the team?

Thanks to the help of our colleagues and their willingness to answer questions and help us in any way they can, it has been satisfactory. The truth is that I had a very pleasant experience at the start of my stay in production at EDICOM.

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