The testimonials included here are completely true and its have been provided by employees on a voluntary basis.

Ihssane Bouhanou, Software Integrator at Casablanca

Ihssane Bouhanou, Software Integrator en Casablanca

My first day was a bit long day. Everything looked different and new, but i was excited to discover. For me, the initial training was a bit challenging, a lot of things to learn, it was an entrance to the consulting world, an introduction to EDICOM technologies and tools. My day by day is becoming easier and easier with time, i get more experience and more autonomy with the help of my team. I appreciate my team, they don’t hesitate to give me support or help, they are there for me whenever I need their guidance or

Ihssane Bouhanou
Software Integrator en Casablanca

Aida Fernández, Software Engineer

Aida Fernández, Software Engineer
EDICOM is the first company I have worked for after finishing my studies. At the beginning I was feeling a little nervous, it was a completely new experience and environment. But I found a group of people willing to help me in any way possible, which made me relax and enjoy the change. The initial training allowed me to understand my role much better and was very useful to see the different tools that are used, both those for daily use and those for more sporadic use. Thanks to it, I discovered a world I didn’t know and I understood

Aida Fernández
Software Engineer

Cecilia Beltrán, International Project Leader Support

Cecilia Beltrán
First day in EDICOM. Starting a new work always entails nervousness and insecurity. I have to say that having a month of training in EDICOM before starting work really boosted my confidence. I was starting work at a new time for me, as I started at 16:00 and finished at 01:00, working hours in the Mexican time zone. This involved a personal and professional interrelationship with Mexico, with my colleagues and with clients, with the innovation that this meant for my professional life. How you have evolved. Over the years I’ve seen how EDICOM has developed significantly, both structurally and

Cecilia Beltrán
International Project Leader Support

Nieves Peiró, 24×7 Operation Technician

First day in EDICOM. My first few days in EDICOM can be summed up in two words: CHALLENGE and EXPECTATION. Expectation, because personally it was a change in my professional career, but, mostly challenge, for two reasons: I wanted to prove that I could meet the expectations and trust placed in me and because we were the first graduating class to complete the training entirely by video call. How you have evolved. It sounds obvious, but during this time I have matured both professionally and personally. Searching for new procedures or improving the performance of existing ones leads you to

Nieves Peiró
24x7 Operation Technician

Marta García, Project Leader Support

Marta García
Memory of when you started in EDICOM. When I started out in EDICOM there were about 100 of us as employees and there was a lot of camaraderie. You felt very supported by your colleagues and you would learn something new every day. How have you evolved in these 15 years? I have evolved a lot and constantly. It is a long-distance race because EDICOM has grown a lot in these years and we still haven’t reached the ceiling, this is still ongoing. Our evolution in technology and applications has been incredible. What hasn’t changed for you since you started

Marta García
Project Leader Support

Alejandro, Key Account Support Manager

Alejandro Valdivia
Beginnings. When I started out in EDICOM I was really looking forward to it, as it was my first job as a computer scientist and I was keen to prove my worth. I was also confident, because I had received good training and felt supported by the team. I also wanted to grow and evolve in my line of work. And today, I can confirm that my expectations have been met. Evolution. We work with different departments inside the company and in different teams with customers, which has fostered better communication skills and empathy. Moreover, I have been able to

Key Account Support Manager

Sabina, France Technical Department Manager

Sabina Vidal

Working in EDICOM encourages my professional growth through project management and day-to-day tasks, where you have to make an effort to learn other languages when working with large accounts. And personal growth too, because we manage teams and working with people on a day-to-day basis, you can learn a lot from them. You are always going to have colleagues who will be involved and will help you in the development of this

France Technical Department Manager

Edu, Senior EDI Consultant Support

Edu Finch
Beginnings. The nervousness typical of any first-timer in a large company, eager to please everyone, was more than evident. I had to find my place at the same time as I was learning to make my way in an environment that was totally new to me. Evolution. Thanks to the help of my colleagues and a little effort, I have been acquiring new skills as part of the great 24×7 Support team. This in turn has allowed me to improve the support I can provide both to customers and other teams. What hasn’t changed. Taking on board and assimilating new

Senior EDI Consultant Support

David, International Project Manager

When I arrived in EDICOM I was very nervous, as I was only a few months out of school and wasn’t really sure what to expect. Once the training started, I understood that I had a lot to learn, as I had never previously interacted with EDI messages or with the software that was handled in EDICOM. Nerves quickly turned into learning and excitement at facing this new challenge. I have to say that very early on in my career I had important opportunities that fortunately I was able to take advantage of, and which allowed me to reach the

International Project Manager

Fabrizio, International Project Manager

Fabrizio Restani
When I started out in EDICOM, I was barely familiar with terms like invoice, despatch advice and order and I was still improving my Spanish. It has all been quite a challenge, in a trajectory full of stimulating moments and important milestones. Over the years I have never stopped discovering new things. The most exciting thing about our environment is that it is very wide-ranging and you are forever discovering new concepts, situations and tools. A long stint as Software Integrator has enabled me to become more proficient in the use of our tools, in the knowledge of our customers’

International Project Manager