The testimonials included here are completely true and its have been provided by employees on a voluntary basis.

Javier, International Project Manager

Javier Hervás
“I heard about EDICOM more than ten years ago thanks to a job vacancy published in the College of Telecommunications Engineers. From the outset, I noticed the team spirit and the good working atmosphere that prevailed and, to this day, continues to grow along with the company One of the aspects that I also liked when I arrived was the international ambience. I was coming from my first working experiences in France and I was happy to see that I could still speak French in my work environment. In these ten years there have been many changes, such as the

International Project Manager

Carolina, Software Engineer

Carol Expósito
“About working at EDICOM, I would highlight that every day is a challenge. When you start your job, you don’t know which new project you will have to face, but what you do know is that you will have a lot of people behind you who will support you and help get you where you want to go. EDICOM is distinguished by the good harmony that exists between all the teams. Maybe because we do a lot of teambuilding. So we are quite used to working together, but also when we are away from the day-to-day. Any minor frictions that

Software Engineer

Jorge, Head of 24×7 Support Department

Jorge Head of 24x7 Support Department
Memory of when you joined… “The memories of my first year are the trips all over the territory performing installations for clients, where you had to learn to fend for yourself very soon and, in part, you felt apprehensive, but at the same time it made you stronger”. Evolution… “After two years in EDICOM, the company entrusted me with the running of a new department, 24×7, to provide extensive customer service and monitor EDICOM’s cloud platform, which at that time consisted of a couple of servers and one service. Nowadays, everything has changed. With over 400 servers and more than

Head of 24x7 Support Department

Xavi, International Project Manager

Xavi International Project Manager
Memory of when you started… “Twenty years and, although it sounds clichéd, it seems like it was yesterday. EDI, system integration, LOT files, everything was new to me, but being in the company of extraordinary people enabled me to overcome obstacles and grow professionally. I started at the same time as Ana Muñoz, Jorge Pradas and José Villanueva, with whom I share memories of our beginnings”. Evolution… “When you have been part of a project for 20 years, it becomes more than just a job. I have been fortunate to develop professionally at the same time as EDICOM was growing

International Project Manager

Ana, International Project Leader

Ana International Project Leader
“I remember the day they called me from EDICOM perfectly well. I was very excited, because it was a new challenge in my life. Although everything was new to me, I had a great friend in the company and the truth was that it was easy to connect with colleagues. Regarding my evolution over these 20 years, in working terms, having been in the Support Department for many years has enabled me to learn many things and make great friends, which enriches you both at work and on a personal level. My move to Software Integration in recent years has

International Project Leader

Kevin, Software Integrator

Kevin Llamas
“I started at EDICOM through an internship agreement to cover credits in the Master in Telecommunications I was finishing at the UPV. After a few months, they invited me to stay on, and since then here I am, continuing to grow in the world of EDI, a sector that I didn’t know much about, but which has made me learn a lot. Some of the things I would highlight about EDICOM is the teamwork, and working alongside great colleagues. I also really appreciate being able to put my other languages into practice, because the clients I’m interacting with are very

Software Integrator

Ángel, Software Integrator

Ángel Gonzalez
“Setting out on my professional career with EDICOM has enabled me to explore a wonderful world where people come first. For me, the best thing about belonging to this great family is not only the ongoing training with which you are enriched, but also having the opportunity to meet an extraordinary team. Likewise, learning to tackle problems in several ways, forming links with companies and people around the world, as well as building bridges that allow connection and interoperability between them. In short, to grow and never stop educating yourself. I am very happy to take part in this race

Software Integrator

Nacho, Software Integrator

Nacho Software Integrator
“After taking the Bachelor and Master in Industrial Engineering, I moved to Munich to round off my studies and gain my first work experience. After almost five years living abroad, I felt it was time to come back to Valencia. With the proposal of personal and professional development that EDICOM offered me, I never once hesitated to take up the challenge. What I really like from day-to-day is the constant interaction we have with our clients. They are both domestic and international, so we are using different languages on a daily basis. But the most important part is the value

Software Integrator

Clara, International Project Manager

Clara Aliaga
“I started working in EDICOM through the agreement on curricular practices with the UPV, where I was finishing my degree in Computer Engineering. I was able to combine the last subjects of my degree with my work, as well as completing my Final Degree Project in EDICOM. The fact that a company of the magnitude of EDICOM provides this type of opportunity and confidence to people who are setting out on their journey in the working world is something to be thankful for. Every day is a new and different challenge that you take up alongside your colleagues. EDICOM is

International Project Manager

Marta, Software Integrator

Marta Muñoz

“It’s now been three years since I started working in EDICOM and after going through different departments and work teams, I have to highlight the camaraderie here, which helps ensure a good working environment. EDICOM provides the opportunity to take language classes and this enables us to grow professionally and personally within the company. And as for the current situation, EDICOM has made it easier for us to work remotely and so be able to guarantee maximum attention to our

Software Integrator