The testimonials included here are completely true and its have been provided by employees on a voluntary basis.

Testimonio de Pedro Ramirez

One of the main reasons prompting me to stay with EDICOM is the vast knowledge of my colleagues, which enables me to improve very quickly and enhance my skills as a professional. This is boosted by the good atmosphere and camaraderie all around me. This creates a pleasant climate which makes working really enjoyable, to the point where you actually enjoy working.

Software Engineer
Luz Ortega

I feel proud to belong to EDICOM because, besides being good at what we do, we make a great team. And we can boast of our dedication and effort every day to become the best.

Senior EDI Consultant

What motivates me most when working with Edicom is that success and values are two indispensable aspects. The confidence EDICOM gives us both in personal and professional terms makes it possible to face any challenge and overcome any hurdle. At EDICOM, each person is important for their unique features and this is why ideas can travel without a passport within the company. Each day in EDICOM constitutes an opportunity to educate oneself and a challenge to help grow professionally and personally. EDICOM’s international presence exponentially multiplies the opportunities to enrich yourself professionally and culturally. When you feel that the company

Head of Project Managers

I am grateful for all the options being offered to coworkers to allow them moving to other EDICOM’s offices. I experience it very closely with my teammates from Brasil team, and I think it is a very positive politics.

International Project Manager

Before I started working here, I had heard about some of EDICOM’s benefits: language lessons, paddle tennis court and private gym, flexible schedules… After joining the company, I have checked the importance of the human factor in it. The working environment is unbeatable and we share our days with a work team where cooperation and good mood are encouraged. In addition, I really like the job I do and I have the chance the talk and listen to different languages. EDICOM offers a job stability and secrity that, in my opinion, are basic so a worker can be focused on

Consultor junior

I chose to work at EDICOM because I was looking for a technological company that would provide me daily challenges. Today I have the opportunity to work with some of the biggest companies in the world, using all the languages I know and facing challenges every day within an incomparable team. Four years later, I keep growing professionally and I couldn’t be happier with my job.

International Project Leader Support

I met EDICOM through an offer in the UPV, and I was attracted by the job stability and international projection that they offered. Nowadays, each project presents a different challenge to overcome, with the learning that entails. I like to have the opportunity to help colleagues as well as learn from them, to be able to grow technically. To highlight the human quality of the team that integrates EDICOM; I have always felt the support of my colleagues, and what is more important, in complex situations we work side by side to solve any problem and to satisfy the needs

International Project Leader

I decided to join EDICOM because I was offered very good working conditions: career plans, good salary and clarity. After some years in EDICOM, I can definitely say that my job intellectually challenges me and there is an excellent working environment. Another big asset is the excellence of our human team: one of the key strengths of EDICOM is precisely its people. In addition, other things like the international environment, the salary and working conditions, flexible working hours, recreational activities…make EDICOM a great place to be.

Consulting Manager

EDICOM encourages me to keep on learning, not only new languages, but also new ways of working professionally, such as direct contact with the client and proprietary tools with a uniquely developed solution. Something that I really like is the strong focus on teamwork, not only among consultants and ETM project leaders, but also with the different EDICOM departments. The good working atmosphere is always a great motivator, and in my experience, this is one of EDICOM ’s great strengths, which serves to unite us in a working system focused on interaction with colleagues. This type of dynamic is one

Jaime Iván
EDI Consultant Support

It’s a constant challenge that obliges me to grow professionally and personally, where you can never know enough and there is always something new to learn.

International Project Manager